Buy a Wii Fit, still be fat

Critical Gamer Writes: The American Counsel on Exercise, collaborating with University of Wisconsin La Crosse, found what it deemed "underwhelming" results in testing the most pressing activities on Nintendo's Wii Fit. For all the hype, the study found you burn more calories playing the flagship Wii Sports. The group analysed the 6 most challenging aerobic exercises included with the electronic game mat – Free Run, Island Run, Free Step, Advance Step, Super Hula Hoop and Rhythm boxing. The study found these activities "underwhelming" and their exercise intensity "milder than expected."

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Leio3675d ago

Then they should bundle Wii-fit with Wii-dont-eat that should help

Shadow Flare3675d ago

If they don't eat the game first

Saaking3674d ago

Why use a wii fit? Try getting actual excerice, it'll help a LOT more.

Timesplitter143674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Anyone who thinks they can get slim while still eating as much and without any effort will stay fat forever.
There's only one way to lose weight :
Step 1 : Eat less than 1500 calories/day
Step 2 : Start running
Step 3 : Never stop

Also, eating less than 800 or so calories/day will make you infertile, weak and sick, so don't do that.

Noctis Aftermath3674d ago

it's not like this article is going to be read by the people buying wii "fit" as they are the same consumers who buy the crap rehashed games(guitar hero anyone) and they don't care about reviews or pretty much any relevant information.

ABizzel13673d ago

Wii Fit is NOT to help you lose weight. It's to get your muscle to be more active and toning.

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musicresearch3675d ago

yeah, I had seen similar 'research' from a UK Uni. Ive always used wii Sports tennis to get my heart going slightly faster before going for a run. The perfect warm up!

Maybe they should rerun the tests with WiiFit PLUS!

Jockie3675d ago

Well, from my admittedly short time using wii fit, all it seemed to be about was shifting the weight slightly on each foot. Hardly good excercise

Cubes3674d ago

Games are for fun not fitness!! But fair play to Ninty, Wii Fit is a lot of fun

LesThom3674d ago

The problem is not the Wii Fit as entertainment, but the long-standing private inference that it actually is beneficial to your health. Guess not.

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The story is too old to be commented.