Gamezebo Web Games: Farkle

Gamezebo writes: "Dice games have been around for thousands of years, yet our fascination with them has never waxed or waned. Sic bo has been played in the east for millennia. We've been playing craps in the west since the time of the Crusades. Even well into the 20th century, new games were being developed that depended heavily on dice. Where would Monopoly or Dungeons and Dragons be without them? Now, in this modern age of social networking, the dice game has been re-invented again with Farkle.

Farkle is a very simple dice game on Facebook that has you attempting to earn points by cashing in certain combinations of dice. You'll be given six dice to roll, and you'll remove dice after you've taken their points. You can then use the remaining dice to try and earn more points, but if you fail it's a "Farkle" and you'll lose all the points that were attached to any of the six original dice. It's sounds far more complicated than it actually is. You do this for 10 rounds. At the end of the game, your score from all 10 rounds is totalled up and you'll see how you've done against your friends."

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