Gamezebo Web Games: Number Ninjas

Gamezebo writes: "If you grew up at just the right time in the 1980's, you no doubt remember sitting around the one lone computer in your fourth grade classroom, waiting for your turn to play Reader Rabbit or Math Blasters. Now, thanks to developer Peter Groeneweg, all the fun of edutainment is back! Unlike the 80's though, this time we mean it. Number Ninjas is fun, educational, and puts out math skills to the test.

Number Ninjas takes a very over-the-top, Rambo style experience to basic mathematics. Each level combines two key elements: platforming and math equations. You'll start each level as a number. Armed with a variety of math operations, you'll attack enemy numbers by throwing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division signs like throwing stars. Once you've killed your enemy, the math part of the game comes into play."

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