Modern Warfare 2 - No Mercy for 'No Russian'? (The Daily Scoundrel)

The Daily Scoundrel writes: "'No Russian' makes me feel guilty for even watching it, let alone playing it. With that gun in hand, whether you shoot or not, you're forced to be complicit with this terrible massacre. It does not have to be a statement of intent from the player – this is a scripted event, after all – but it is placing you in the shoes of someone doing something unthinkably horrible. And the feelings that emerge from this enslaved act are beyond what a great majority of videogames are capable of."

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gintoki7773680d ago

you dont have a gun in hand you have a controller in your hand and your killing pixels in the shape of humans

Maddens Raiders3680d ago

what about the 8 year olds? FOX = fail