Project Natal is one of TIME Magazine's Inventions of the Year

Major Nelson writes:

"Today Project Natal received recognition as one of TIME Magazine's Inventions of the Year. This is the third major honor Project Natal received this past month including the Popular Mechanics 2009 Breakthrough Award and Popular Science Best of What's New Grand Award. This is great news for the industry. Congrats to the entire team for the great work they've accomplished so far."

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reintype3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

How in the hell can it be an Invention of the year when it's not even out yet? You don't even know if it'll work as advertised, besides that, its an EYE TOY rip-off and others.

What an EPIC FAIL by Time Magazine, they are giving too much credt to MS and Natal as if they invented the Camera-based Motion Control for Videogames and GUIs.

blitz06233679d ago

It's because of its marketing. Sony failed the Eye Toy and M$ isn't making the same mistake

reintype3679d ago

What a sad sad world we live in, if that's indeed the case, and here I thought, it has to be something more significant, to warrant such distinction.

Thanks for clearing that up, for a moment I thought they were giving it the accolades because it actually deserves it.

Dread3679d ago

let me take a wild guess sony fans

Time is also biased against Sony.

militant073679d ago

you know eye toy is not original idea but dreameye rip off

Greywulf3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

How the hell does [edit] a badly working concept thats been clearly done before get one of the inventions [/edit] of the year?

soxfan20053679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

The same way games (mainly PS3 exclusives) are crowned "game of the year" or "best game ever" before they are even released.

Where have you been for the last year?

Just because Natal hasn't been released yet doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It obviously exists in prototype form, amd many people have tried it. It clearly qualifies as an "invention", which is what Time is referring to.

When it is finally released, it will then qualify as a "product".

@greywulf - Read it a little closer. It's not being crowned "invention of the year". It is being recognized, along with other inventions, as "inventions of the year". Big difference.

Greywulf3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

You know full well Natal isn't innovative or inventive.

Which can be proven with old PS eye videos. Its prototypes go as far as ball hitting.Stop pretending MS didn't just cut a check, jesus its amazingly obvious.

Natal is the best product no one has used. But its the wave of the future lol. Cant wait to play Halo running around my living room.. this is the saddest gaming news i've seen in my entire life.

Whats so amazing about Natal Soxfan
"Buh well you can hit balls"


reintype3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

You couldn't read "Eyetoy rip-off and others"?

I just put "others" because I don't know what's the name of the Dreamcast camera as well as the ones you could use for the PC. I think there is also a TV that has Camera-based motion controls for its GUI that debuted way before Natal, I think during TGS07, I don't know it's name nor it's manufacturer.

But the fact of the matter still remains, my contention still stands and that MS did not invent Camera-based Motion Controls for Videogames and GUIs, and there are other Cameras before NATAL that can do that, hence it can't be called "One of the Inventions of the Year".

EDIT: Before anyone else disagrees with me GOOGLE the Meaning of "Inventions", hopefully that will enlighten you.

MikeMichaels3679d ago

under 50 even reads Time magazine (or any magazine for that matter).

But it's a little strange considering the only thing thats been shown is a bad tech demo and a video of what 'might' be possible. Seems kinda like jumping the gun.

..but don't let common sense stop you fanboys from arguing away.

Come on those Sonybots what you're made of!! ;)

rekonizakilla3679d ago

Don't you have to actually invent something to get a freakin medal for inventing something?

Ju3679d ago

Its not even innovation. 3D cameras for the PC have been around longer so long, but none of them got recognized as "invention of the year".

Greywulf3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Right now...

Natal has all this hype, just like Segas Activator did, yet the end result is hitting a ball or mangling an avatars ankle.

GWAVE3679d ago

And to think....

People still believe that Microsoft DOESN'T bribe the media and DOESN'T influence the media.


soxfan20053679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

When all else fails, just roll out the conspiracy theories. Pretty sad, but par for the course on N4G (especially by a certain few).

@Greywulf - I won't try to tell you what's innovative, because I, like you, have NEVER used Natal. Unlike you though, I have this crazy idea about actually PLAYING a game or peripheral before making an opinion. I don't make strong declarations based on a Youtube video or something similar.

Your conspiracy theory is that MS has somehow paid Time to be included in this article. Typical "last resort" arguement.

Greywulf3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

I say show me something from Natal thats Innovative...I'll wait while you come up with a bag of buhs.

Its marketing... much like Gamestop/Activision&MS joining to promote MW2 isn't a conspiracy theory, MS likely paid for exclusive dlc.. as they pay for other stuff. Its just amazing how you can't seem to be able to understand that.


Ok, educate me. Show me how to be open about Natal... wheres the footage of it playing any game type at a 1:1 response. And when you can't I'll point out that other technology has already been doing it. Under the same "invention" tag for it, you can also call 100's of other devices inventive.

Natal is a dog and pony show, regardless of who is pushing it. You ask me to invite you to play it, how about your clear blind support for a product no one has seen working outside of smacking a ball around? Do you not see how you asking me to show you highlights the fact that you haven't even seen it, yet are defending it as being inventive for doing what the eyetoy/pseye already does in a retail package?

"but that does not mean it can not do things beyond the eye toy"

Well it definitely can't show that it can. Just hype that it "might".

You can speculate on what it can do all day, which is what I'm saying. It has no solid representation of what it can do outside or better than the Eyetoy/PCcameras/Augmented reality.. yet Its getting the credit for doing so.

If anyone else said "take our word for it" the world would laugh. MS has a few dollars to go with that statement, which is why NATAL is even still being talked about anymore than the Ball hitting simulator it is.

Sitdown3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Okay, so you told somebody to google "inventions". Here you go.
inventions- anything invented or devised
devised- to contrive, plan, or elaborate; invent from existing principles or ideas: to devise a method.
contrive- to plan with ingenuity; devise; invent
ingenuity-cleverness or skillfulness of conception or design: a device of great ingenuity

Now, hopefully by this time you can see how clearly this can fall under inventions. But even before that...could one of you please invite me over so I can try out natal, I mean since you all know exactly what its going to be like....especially you Greywulf, since you already know that "the end result is hitting a ball or mangling an avatars ankle." Here is a thought, you guys might actually enjoy gaming a little bit more if you were not so close minded on anything that comes from Microsoft. Consider this...Sony did not invent gaming, but look how it has helped the market grow...likewise, Microsoft might not get the original credit for motion controls...but that does not mean it can not do things beyond the eye toy. Quick question...does Microsoft not own a company that produced natal...does this company not have it possible that patents are given to the originators of an it not possible that a Microsoft can be credited with some level of "innovation" since it owns that company?

ultimolu3679d ago

...Forgive me for asking but what invention came from Natal?

reintype3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

This is what's listed on NATAL by TIME MAGAZINE:

Since time immemorial — or at least since Pong — one barrier that has stood between gamers and total Tron-like immersion in their video games has been the controller: the joystick, trackball, mouse, light gun or whatever. This year Microsoft demonstrated a technology, code-named Project Natal, that enables players to control games using only body movements and voice commands, no controller required — the gamer's body becomes the controller. Project Natal uses several cameras, plus a highly specialized microphone and a lot of fancy software, to track the gamer's body and interpret his or her voice. You move your hand, and the Master Chief (or whoever) moves his

How in the hell can it be an invention, when all of this was done way before the advent of NATAL?

Do you guys even use logic? An invention is something new, something that has never done before, or revolutionizes an existing idea. But NATAL fails in each regard, it's nothing new, it's been done before, it certainly didn't revolutionize anything.

Christopher3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Hey now, if you can elect a not-yet-president and award him the Nobel Peace Prize for his 'opportunity for bringing peace', why not a technology that isn't either new by many years, to be released for a full year, and has the majority of its technology placed in the software to be written for it and not the actual hardware.

Yes, this is how stupid we are in today's day and age. We're the same idiots who read something online and believe it almost implicitly without actually thinking that, hey, perhaps the douche writer had their own goal in writing the article and may not be telling the whole truth, if at all. We're the same idiots who use opinion as facts in arguments. We're the same idiots who somehow think that arguing about which console is better will somehow make their decision better and more successful.

Oh, and Microsoft doesn't need to pay squat for this 'accolade'. They already are the #1 advertiser in magazines in the world, from PC computers with their logo, their software, their game systems, their software, to tons of other technology offerings.

Sitdown3679d ago

but at the same time, I also have not really heard any talk from any company regarding depth in a 3-D environment. Like I said, none of us has had extensive hands on experience with we can't say whether or not its innovative. That is my point..I am not going to shoot something down that I have no experience the same I am not going to overly praise something either...the potential is there, so I am more prone to wait and see, rather than just knock it and then present a conspiracy theory regarding Microsoft paying people off.

siyrobbo3679d ago

why does everybody say that it is an eyetoy rip off

I must have been using a different eyetoy to everybody else

when i played one it just showed a video of me (quite poor but good for the time) and that video interacted with things on the screen. Not bad but not brilliant

NATAL however seems to literally put you as the character, controling the movements

More of a natural progression of eyetoy than a rip off

ndibu3679d ago

Even though a product has not been released to the public, it was invented and unveiled in 2009. It would be silly to call it the intention of the year in 2010 even though it was INVENTED in 2009.
But as always, as a member of the SDF, you have abandoned all logic and posted that without even thinking. I suppose Time Magazine is bias right? Or did MS buy them too?
Presently NATAL works, we all saw the demos and Time deemed it worthy of this title, nuff said.

sikbeta3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

- ......WHAT!!!!!!?.....

Do I need to remind you this:


lol @beans

He can't be more delusional, I thought xbox owners were gamers not crappy motion lovers, if is that way why they don't buy a wii -_-

If I read a response like:

- "but...but... sony is making a motion controller too"

I'm not glad with the sony motion crap either, I can consider it if it comes with an analogue stick, but I'm not gonna buy it because the Brand I support make that crap, that's the difference between supporters and zealots

Hutch23553679d ago

Shame on you. YOu took the money from Microsoft and lied about their little add on. How dare all three of you say a single nice thing about Microsoft. Don't you realize that if it is not a product from Sony, it is garbage. Pure garbage. Geez get with it, you must be a run by a 12 year old fanboy and you don't use any real professionals to write your stuff or make decisions on things. Damn you magazines, how do all these 12 year old xbox fanboys living in their garages come out with all of these garbage media outlets. lol

beans3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Look at the Sony fanboys running around in disbelief and confusion lol. Yes Natal is huge and will stomp all competition come its release and yes Sony only wishes Eyetoy could match the capabilities of Natal.

edit greywulf: There's no need to constantly repeat Natal features when all you have to do is watch E3 again. From Voice and facial recognition to scanning in objects to your game it's all there. I think the biggest beef you have with it is the fact that Sony is going to be proven wrong with all there you need a button preaches. This whole argument is just like the one when MS claimed that they had a wireless controller like the wii long before wiimote existed. Now Sony and it's fans are doing the same and if Wii is anything to go by MS is going to make a killing.

Christopher3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Technically, Natal isn't what's doing that, it's the software. Pretty much any camera costing $25 or more today can be programmed to do the same thing. It's essentially a lower-level version of facial recognition, which works with any built-in crappy Web camera on laptops, but is easier to track since the body points are much easier to track than facial points and movement.

@beans: Actually, the PS3Eye does match what Natal does other than the IR capabilities. PS3Eye has had facial and body recognition since early 2008, but Sony saw no need to implement it. In fact, the hilarious thing is that the company Sony hired to develop and research the technology was bought by Microsoft in order to make Natal.

Seriously, it's great that people like Natal and that Microsoft is doing their best to maximize the potential with camera-based motion gaming without using any external motion-detecting peripherals like Sony's wands, but it's far from new technology and is technology that Sony and Wii both passed over in favor of their own methods of motion gaming.

Greywulf3679d ago

I'd love to see them...

because you know full well you cant.

ARBitrator3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

@rekonizakilla - Let me ask you a question, if someone what kicking your teeth in and bullying you are a regular basis, and someone else came by and kicked their arse for constantly picking on you, would you consider your defender to be a violent or peaceful person.

Is he not peaceful, because he don't tolerate bullies?

Additionally, why are the PS3 Fanboys so angry because of what TIME magazine has done. We all know that if they said the same thing about the new Sony motion controller, you guys would completely agree. N4G should get an award for nurturing, and influencing the worst fanboys in fanboy history. They should add another definition to webster, "PS3 Fanboy(n) - The highest level of fanboyism, completely to the point of not being able to reason with....see talking to a wall."

@cgoodno - Your comment sounds good, but it really isn't saying much.

"Natal isn't what's doing that, it's the software"

Okay, let me try it, the PS3 isn't playing uncharted, gt5, ratchett, etc. It's the software. The PS3 isn't doing highdef movies, it the bluray disc, the XBL wouldn't be doing anything if it wasn't for the software, the wiimote would just be a check of plastic if it weren't for the software. See my point?

ABizzel13679d ago

That's why Time isn't taken seriously as a major gaming news source.

ndibu3679d ago

*sheepishly raises his hand with a look of absolute terror as the SDF stares at him, eyes glazed and mouths foaming* i see your point Mr 1.29

Christopher3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Oh, I love it when someone tries to act smart.

Yeah, it's not the PS3 that made Uncharted 2, but it is the cell structure with very high bandwidth processing and throughput rate that allows much of the graphical and physics advancements in the game. As far as making the game with the same gameplay, art style, voice overs, and the such on any other platform, 100% possible. Perhaps it will have better textures instead of better lighting and physics on the 360, but, hey, it's not the PS3 that allows Uncharted 2, it's the software.

Now, as far as Blu-ray and WiiMotes, you're kind of off-base. It's the new laser that allows the blu-ray. Meaning, it's the new hardware. and, the WiiMote is capable by IR technology, which also isn't new at all, but is due to the hardware.

The thing is, neither of those are winning awards for new inventions. Uncharted 2 isn't winning awards for inventing anything, neither is the PS3, the WiiMote, or the Blu-ray laser hardware.

There is absolutely nothing in the Natal cameras above and beyond what most cameras can do. It's all about the software in this regard, not about the hardware. The problem is when you assign a title of one of the best inventions to the hardware instead of the software. None of the technology, even combined, is new with Natal considering the military has been using the technology in UAVs for almost a century and in remote controlled drones since the 80s.

Furthermore, when replying to a reply to someone else's comment, you might want to check the context of the reply. Meaning, read what I was replying to in order to see the context of my reply rather than just latch onto it as if it's an argument on its own.

@beans (below): Actually, nothing in Natal is new at all as far as technology. Now, yeah, it's new to being used this way in games, but it's just not new technology, far from actually. The same with the PS3Eye and EyeToy when they were created. I'm not saying the EyeToy or PS3Eye are innovative, I'm just saying Natal isn't as well.

Side Note: The most hilarious thing here is that no matter what I present here, you guys won't care. There's a high percentage of people here who will claim that Natal is nothing new and is just a rip off of old technology, which it is but also isn't. It's taking old technology and remaking it, which kind of worked for some of the biggest successes out there, including LCD TVs/Monitors and Touch Screens. Then there's a high percentage of people here who claim that it's all new technology, something that hasn't existed before. This is just false.

So, I enjoy the disagrees from those who 100% support Natal as the next age in gaming (*sighs*) and agrees from those who are 100% against Natal because they support some other platform, hate motion control oriented games, or just hate Microsoft (*sighs*). Personally, I see the potential for motion gaming in some respects, but I'm not jumping all over it from anyone considering it's unlikely it will be better than the current controllers when playing the games I prefer to play. All I know is that if it requires me to move my 80 lb. coffee table to play in front of my TV, I'm not doing it.

beans3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Even if eyetoy has features that have been around longer than Natal doesn't mean there the same or of the same quality. Natal is much newer tech and should go well beyond eyetoy facial recognition.

edit: cgoodno

Ok well since you put it that way I completely agree. It's definitely all about the software and hopefully MS can really bring something new to the table as far as gaming experiences are concerned.

Megaton3679d ago

Behold, the power of marketing.

I love it. Before this thing came along, 360 fankids were in the same boat as the rest of us regarding motion gimmicks. Now it's "MOTION CAMS ARE THE FUTURE OF GAMING!"

You guys should really find some better stuff to rally around. How about games? Yeah, try that for awhile. Those are pretty fun.

Diamondwolf3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Sound very looney right now!!!

If I had to hinge what I thought about a product before it was released, then I would actually be using Home right now. I would have been playing online coop on Fable 3 by now.

Look, just because something is announced and people tell you what they are AIMING to achieve with a product doesn't mean that it will do it when it's finished, deadline's make sure that doesn't happen.

That was for the Natal crowd, and for you Sony fanboys who are blindly spreading fud about it, how is the trophy room in Home?

Look, the media is and can be biased, but that doesn't mean they all are. If Time mag wants to give Natal the best item on the planet award, good for Natal.............I still for one think it's a worthless add-on (along with Sony Motion) but I'm an old school gamer.

Wii sports was fun for about a week

rekonizakilla3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

"Look at the haters whine.
@rekonizakilla - Let me ask you a question, if someone what kicking your teeth in and bullying you are a regular basis, and someone else came by and kicked their arse for constantly picking on you, would you consider your defender to be a violent or peaceful person"

He wasn't kicking my ass cos he's a bully, he was was kicking my ass cos I kicked his sister in the kunt.
And the guy sticking up for me, was the guy who paid me to kick her in the gash.

so the moral of the story is .... erm , well I can't remember what we're arguing about.

4Sh0w3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Have you guys ever read Time Magazine or Popular Mechanics?, lol things get awards all the time just for being an innovative prototype, some never even really get released but they almost always at least contribute or lead to manufacturers making an existing product more efficient, safer, user friendly or in some way better than before.

I wonder why the same people always follow Natal news and say the same thing over and over again, "meh it won't work, Natal sucks", then when professionals way in with their own positive opinions, praise and awards they seem so angry, WHY? no one's forcing you to play Natal games, right?

Also why do gamers in particular think you have to invent the wheel or else its not innovative or a company should get no credit for investing in an existing idea or technology and greatly improving it, thus making it work beyond whats been done before= innovation. Its like saying the Wright Brothers shouldn't get credit for being the first to invent a "flying machine", truthfully they are not, but just because some guy created a flying machine in his back yard that crashed after 10 sec's of flight and he dropped the project without ever doing further testing, development; I mean nobody is going to hand him all the success of the Wright Brothers accomplishments and years of study and research in order to make sustained flight of fixed wing aircraft possible. No, because he didn't do that, the Wright Brothers did, they are the pioneers, he just had an idea that was possible but he didn't follow through and make it work. Thats just how it goes folks, history is filled with famous inventors who are well known as innovators simply because they made an "idea" practical, immersive, useful, fun= work so that people wanted it. Now I'm not saying that microsoft should be given credit for anything on the level as the Wright Brothers, nope, they haven't made some amazing discovery but I do believe they are greatly improving on existing tech and therefore I think Times award is fitting.

Or when all else fails just go to the "Microsoft paid them off excuse", nevermind that Time has an outstanding reputation for their journalistic work of over 85 yrs. Time>Fanboys, not even close.

IdleLeeSiuLung3679d ago

I appreciate the people making it actually useful more!!!

I don't care who copies who, just if it works!

nycredude3679d ago

This is retarded. I won't even harp on the fact that eyetoy demonstrations from like 8 year ago were already doing this. All you need to do is look at the Psn tonight and you will see at leas 5 or 6 PSeye games that already do this, not to mention Eyepet that is out in stores already.

Meanwhile all we have seen is a pedophile simulator that wasn't even real and some half ass laggy input hit the ball game. This is sad.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3679d ago

@soxfan2005, sorry to tell you this but you're an epic fail of an actual human being with a brain that it is full of even more fail. I do not completely agree with the other fanboys on this chain of comments but they do more sense that you with your ridiculous spinning.

Anon19743679d ago

Must have been a slow year. It was Natal, a new type of metal scraper for getting gum off sidewalks and lead free body paint.

Seriously, so far I haven't seen anything that's innovative about this product. It doesn't seem to do anything that the eye toy wasn't capable of and now it just all boils down to how it's used.

Knightrid8083678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

I don't understand how companies are so quick about awarding awards or recognition for products that haven't been made available to market yet. It feels like they are the ones who always type "First!".

HolyOrangeCows3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

(Obama and McCain FTL)

Pain3678d ago

'Inventing' equaled making it from scratch.. not buying tech from Israel?

"look i invented the wheel!! "

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KionicWarlord2223679d ago

Popular mechanics now time magazine...

Ms on a roll ?

DelbertGrady3679d ago

Microsoft delivers peripheral free motion gaming. Total freedom. I think the Natal launch will be something extraordinary with all of the planned games and the great price point.

Nice to see them getting recognition for their great efforts in gaming. Can't wait to try it out :)

Christopher3679d ago

So... Soda... a camera isn't a peripheral now?

Christopher3679d ago

Spot on Soda, spot on.

Let's hope it's more than just gimmick and helps to usher in something new to gamers everywhere.

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3679d ago Replies(1)
4point7BillionLoss3679d ago

NATAL > wii > "sony dildo" > "sony hands free copy of natal"

sony is now copying facebook and twitter integration, as well as hands free controller.

Sony can't do anything right ...

How lame ... droids, what's it like always being on the catch up console?

MaximusPrime3679d ago

Natal actually a copy of PS2 eye toy and PS eye..

Ok Sony probably will be getting Facebook integration but millions of PS3 owners still can access Facebook. via internet browser that xbox 360 never have.

4point7BillionLoss3679d ago

they wouldn't have to integrate it would they - the fact remains, the PS3 came with loads of amazing things like browsers, linux operating systems, PS2 backward compatiblity and enough ports to plug in every gadget you ever owned etc ...

But no one gave a sh!t .. the PS3 Slim has done aways with all of it. It's a waste of time ... like the PS3 browser ... I mean who in their right mind enjoys trying to browse teh internet with a frikken controller. Microsoft have one of the most popular internet browsers in the world and even they saw it would be no point putting it on the xbox ... it's a gimmick ... something sony fans are realising.

Facebook and twitter may be been accessible, but they werern't integrated ... so really what was the point? It's clear to see why sony are copying M$ now because they applications are good for the community and need to be integrated with your Live or PSN account to be of any use on a console.

And the whole NATAL copied eye toy ... that's like saying the PS3 copied SNES. Sure they're both consoles. that's it. And yes there are remarkable similarities about natal & eye toy, just like the sony dildo wand is very much like the wii controller.... however NATAL is a completely different application of hands free controller to the eye toy, just as the PS3 is different to the SNES.

Eye toy is a Fail by anyones view ... it COULD have done for sony what the wii has done for Nintendo but it didnt.

The fact the sony is now demoing a hands free controller (not eye toy) is testament to just how seriously they are taking NATAL. They know deep down that if microsoft can pull off the kind of games being demo's then there is a very good chance all those kids who wanted a wii for christmass for the last two years is going to want an xbox with NATAL for the following two christmasses ....


that's actually the most serious post I've typed all day ....

PandemicPrawn03679d ago


I have to agree with this guy above me in regards to Sony's efforts into the motion controller arms race.

They certainly seem unsure or unfocussed as to what is going to be successful as they have the wand controller, witch as many have mentioned is little more than a Wii controller. But they also have this Natal like motion tracking unit also.

I guess Sony fans would see that as covering all possible options. others see it as Sony being stuck between the current big thing and the next big thing.

Aquarius3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

you type shlt all the time, not an ounce of what you say ever makes much sense, including this 1.

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mattygamefreak3679d ago

Microsoft's pockets are deep.