Will we ever see trophies on the PSP?

GB Writes: This is a story that will continue to develop until Sony gives us a definitive yes or no concerning PSP trophies. The perks some gamers garnish from hacking their PSP's is currently keeping law abiding gamers from experiencing a feature that many would love to have. Here at GamingBolt, we're not all that interested in what side of the fence you're on, but we would like to know if PSP trophies are something that you would like to have. Feel free to leave your input in the comments section below. Until next time, thanks for reading!

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gameseveryday3686d ago

The trophies on PSP? I am not too sure. But even if it comes out on the PSP will it makes the psp sales go big?

TwelfthCrusader3686d ago

Dunno if it would increase sales tbh. It's bound to make some people interested in it.

I would like to see them, especially if they linked to the PS3 account :)

Ziriux3686d ago

Maybe no the sales of the actual system, but as far as games go if you're addicted to trophies or achievements, you will be buying as many games as you can to gain as many points or trophies.

Saaking3685d ago

Sony said no due to piracy issues. So I don't think so.

gameseveryday3686d ago

How will the linking to the PS3 account work?

TwelfthCrusader3686d ago

I think they would need to implement them as sub trophies or something. It wouldn't count towards your overall trophy level but would be a seperate level instead.

Ziriux3686d ago

It is not needed, a PSP is a quick play, while you're bored at work, or just waiting for something or a buss ride.

Chubear3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Trophies aren't just for "bragging rights". They add extra value in your gaming challenges. After playing through a game you can look at the challenges for attaining a certain trophy you may like and go back into the game to see if you can attain it.

It adds to personal reply value more so than bragging rights and that's always a plus.

baldguy713686d ago

I consider trophies or achievements (Xbox obviously) as bragging rights when you go online and other's see your stats - does the PSP have that big of an online community to bother with trophies ?

gameseveryday3686d ago

Thats really a big question that the psp community has to answer. I dont think that trophies are not only used for online gaming, but its a nice way to replay games again and again!

baldguy713686d ago

Has the new PSP GO come out yet ? And does anyone have it? How is it compared the the original?

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