Facebook confirmed for PS3

A source close to Sony has told Eurogamer that yes, Facebook is heading to PS3.

The images of the service that appeared on the PlayStation website - caught by Scrawl before removal - were posted by mistake, we're told.

The official Sony UK PR line is that there will be more information on this "very shortly".

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NateNater3683d ago

I can see Twitter integration into PS3 XMB happening after this is complete.

Cwalat3683d ago

If this is true, then the coloured friend profiles must be true aswell.

Thank god for that.

Hope they come with new avatars aswell.

Christmas update anyone?

raztad3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

I really hope this facebook/social crap is no more than an optional install. I dont use them on my computer much less on my PS3.

I would better have Sony improving the browser (it's still slow and crash prone) and the media content manager. I want to be able to rank my songs or make smart playlist.


Thank you man. I know you have a say in Sony. If you have problems reading, reread my comment again:
"hope this facebook/social crap is no more than an optional install"

That comment is self explanatory. I dont want to clutter my XMB with crap I'm not gonna use.

Typical-Guy3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

I contacted Sony's PR and told him raztad doesn't want FACEBOOK on the XMB and he said " well, tell him you don't want it, don't use it "

@ ABOVE you don't pay for the service and you still complain , what an appreciation.

ape0073683d ago

mw2 ps3 features be implemented in all ps3 games as home gamelaunching was for all games

Aquarius3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

hopefully its an optional install like the photo gallery underneath photo, raztad.

afterall, facebook and twitter has been possible on the trey from 2006.

lightningsax3683d ago

I don't see myself using the service, but this will work really well for people who are thinking of buying a PS3. You've got a lot of people in social networks that will be intrigued by updates from friends and ask them about how the PS3 is, hopefully. It's even more an advertising boon then a new function for consumers.

I've gotta say, their whole marketing plan is looking better every day.

thegood333683d ago

Sony needs thier own identity. Copying everything the Xbox does, and consistantly being two steps behind, is not going to win them the console war.

Aquarius3683d ago

What a ridiculous comment.

Copying everything like what?

meepmoopmeep3683d ago

just like on the xbox, i have no need for it.

guess it's cool to have it anyway, but whatever

ThanatosDMC3683d ago

Does that mean more people will see my sexy pictures?

raztad3683d ago


I love free stuff and I love my free PSN. If you see my comment history rarely I complain about Sonys firmware or PSN update, on the contrary even when the ugly looking grey boxes were implemented on the last firmware I remained supportive understanding that is just a preliminary step in a major upgrade. However I think this facebook thing is a waste of resources and a somewhat lame "me too" attitude on sony part. Why is facebook coming now when nobody is asking for it?

coolfool3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

there are many things which could/should be done before this. But integration with these tools is an advertising feature. You can put it on the side of the box/in ads etc.

"More stable browser!" probably wouldn't make someone buy a console. It's all for the "sell factor".

I don't don't use any of this social crap. I see it as a complete waste of my time.

Jsynn73683d ago

Your retarded. You could access Facebook and a bunch over other social apps through the PS3's internet browser anyway. Sony is just implementing an easier way to do it. In essence, the PS3 was able to do things like Facebook and Twitter long before before the 360 could. M$ has to add things like Facebook and Twitter separately because it has no internet browser. Next time, please do your homework on the PS3 and it's capabilities before making uneducated comments.

facelike3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

They are probably doing it to take the steam out of 360's "exclusive features", sorta like a punch to the gut to Microsoft. And Sony will brag that's it's free and make Microsoft look like jerks for charging for Live.

You know, its probably just a shortcut to the internet browser, thats easy to do, all they have to do is put an icon like they do with the "internet search" icon.

himdeel3683d ago

...that I'll purchase a keyboard to use on my ps3. Think I'll go with a controller keyboard though and maybe now I'll use facebook more often than once every 2-3 months :/

FACTUAL evidence3683d ago

Omg and i thought 360 was bad for all these netflix/facebook aps.....well at least sony has the games to back this up.

ultimolu3683d ago

Lol, and it's free to use.

ABizzel13683d ago

I understand that they put them in firmware so people can know about them. But I agree you should be able to delete the apps. And if you want them again it should be in the PS Store under an app section.

Apps. are great, but you shouldn't have to keep the ones you don't want or use.

sikbeta3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Good for people that will use it because knowing PSN is free, this feature will be Free too, unlike you don't have a PS3 and have to pay for an online service in other console

ico923683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

how about a feature that everyone cares about like cross game chat

Bren863683d ago

Is this gonna be a proper facebook app or just a shortcut to the ps3s crappy web browser?

rockleex3683d ago

Get the Mozilla team to create a brand new web browser for the PS3.

Ateanboy3683d ago

...the OS on the snapshots is set to the Portuguese language. Im only an amateur Portuguese speaker myself, but Im perfectly fluent in both Spanish and French, and it's definitely neither of those...

My question is, if it was REALLY meant to be posted on the UK site EVENTUALLY, some time in the future, why the hell would the PS3 used to take these snapshots have the OS language set to Portuguese!?!?!?!? It would've definitely have been in English... Something fishy's going on here.

I theorize that this was no accident... The images where definitely put there deliberately. Whether just by some random employee or by Sony themselves... These images where uploaded to that site and "leaked" on purpose.

Either way, Im personally not interested in a Facebook app, probably because I dont have a Facebook account, since my girlfriend doesn't allow me to. But I guess that's not Sony's fault... I guess it's mine for being such a horn-dog... And getting caught while being a horn-dog... But, we live and we learn. Right? A lesson to you all! If you're gonna cheat, DONT EVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN. The second you let something sly cause you feel everything's safe and nothing will happen cause you've gotten away with it a hundred times-- BOOOOOOMMMMM!!!! Your f*cked.

But I also to patiently await cross-game invites and chat. OMG!!!! I want those so bad. Sh*t... I truly feel like that's the only thing that that damned 360 has over the PS3. Once those things have been implemented, there'll be no reason to even MENTION the 360's name again. Hell, when that day comes, I wont even ACKNOWLEDGE the 360 as a competing system from that day forth. I wont even-- I wont even-- Imma just pretend like that sh*t don't even EXIST from that day forth. Imma see them piling up on the racks over at Gamestop and im not even gonna let them know that I noticed they're there.

Alright everybody, imma go light this blunt and think what excuse to tell my girl for tomorrow night. Cause I got a hot date with this half-philippino half-puerto rican chick with an ass the size of... Yall catch my drift... Alright! Adios!

coolfool3683d ago

LMAO, your ramblings had me entertained from start to finish. From your wavering moral compass to your personification of the xbox.

Not sure that everyone would but I gave you a bubble.

Simon_Brezhnev3682d ago

i know it better not be mandatory

Dexters3682d ago

Yeah, it seems like whatever Nintendo and Microsoft do, Sony has to do as well.

syanara3682d ago

yea i see your point I likes the gray boxes and what not in the 3.0 update but what I thin is more intresting about this is that you may noy use it but you have to admit there are those out there who use it frequently. I rarely use facebook, myspace, twitter,etc. but I know other people out there use them ALOT so I think that is what sony is aiming for.

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Pennywise3683d ago

I know why they are doing this... but GIVE US OUR CROSS GAME CHAT ALREADY.

They are like a set of grandparents that ask the grandkid what they want for Xmas... Kid tells them, "we want rock 'em sock 'em robot" and the grandparents give them their Xmas gift, just to find out they got sweat pants and socks. Or I guess in this case being we have a browser with Facebook on it..... they got something they already own.

anh_duong3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

didn't a guy from naughty dog say it was coming?


Pennywise3683d ago

Gimme a break with that patent BS.

saint_john_paul_ii3683d ago

just because its patented, doesnt mean they cant utilized it, they can work around it. Super_Secret (yea you know super_secret) said that all this Patent crap is pure Bull.

and we already know they story with In-game Music and Cross-Game Chat. Remember the raid that was pulled 2 months ago at EA's Site that cause them to S**t their Pants?

Pennywise3683d ago

Pope John, he is just another know it all dying to push the disagree button. Forgive him, for he knows no better. lol

If anyone knew anything about technology... they would know that you can have the same features that are patented and not have any basis for suing. There are many ways around it. But I have to say screw MS for this very unnecessary patent.

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Bumpmapping3683d ago

So Xtards is Live worth the 50$?

AliTheBrit193683d ago


It is, it really really is :)

£30 a year? for something which is MILES better than PSN, in both features and community

I should know, I had to put up with PSN only for the best part of 2 years, I can't believe I once considered myself a "real gamer" while I was a PS3 Fanboy..holy crap

And no, I'm not a fanboy now :) either PSN or XBL has to be better, perfect equality just does not exist, I'm just opting for the better service :D

But hey...PSN is free right? so that will be of some comfort while you try to play games online LOL

Mr Logic3683d ago

"for something which is MILES better than PSN, in both features and community"

Do you mind actually mentioning what some of those features are instead of going off on how PSN is worse.

Aquarius3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

I hear the 360 community is oftenly considered as rude/racist/annoying etc. so how is that better?


But hey...XBL is £30 right? so that will be of some comfort for BOTS since they don't have anything else to use the £30 on since THEY GOT NO GAMES LMFAO


4point7BillionLoss3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

is because there IS NO PSN community

it doesn't exist. It's complete Fail.

No ones using HOME ... it's a sh!thole ... only 50 year old stalker men dressed as 14 year old girls use it ...

HD ten pin bowling anyone>

PSN still catching up with Live .... even over facebook .... Stupid droids

jeseth3683d ago

PS3 has had Facebook and Twitter capability and have had since both sites came about.

They are even tabs on the PS3 homepage when you open the PS3's web browser.

I seriously think some of the people that write this crap don't even own PS3's.

Aquarius3683d ago

I love your dot dot dots ;)

What a smart way to cover to make your post look like a big pile of shlt.

saint_john_paul_ii3683d ago

thats funny, i just walked into HOME today, and theres lots of people online talking to each other and playing with each other.

stop grasping for straws.

ZombieAutopsy3683d ago

You bots are so sad, yea i pay for xbl but i dont think their is any real difference in the service you can go on and on about how you THINK one is better than the other but in the end you're just some no name doooosh on N4G.

4point7BillionLoss3683d ago

because it's not integrated wirth your PSN account, and using a games console to browse the internet is rubbish .. why do you think M$ never bothered to include Intenet Explorer on Live ... because even they know what a waste of time gimmick it is.

It's News because sony are copying microsoft (again) by fully integrating the XMB with facebook and twitter ... realising that it's about the community not about some gimmick browser which no one uses ... like linux etc ...

and the dot dot dot ... that's just a bad typing habit I picked up as a software developer .... sorry ....

Major_Tom3683d ago

Some how private chat and party chat means it's worth $50 a year? I don't know how that is suppose to make sense but I guess the average person 'gets' it.

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riksweeney3683d ago

So how will it work?

20:00 - "Richard is starting the campaign mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2"
(1 Like)
20:45 - "Richard has completed the campaign mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2"
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Godmars2903683d ago

XMB integration: where Twitter goes off to die.