Gamer Limit Review: Modern Warfare 2

Gamer Limit writes: "Finally, after months of waiting, "the most anticipated game of the year" is here. Surrounded by controversy on one side, and hype on the other, Modern Warfare 2 has gamers asking one question: "is it worth my money?"

The short answer is yes. MW2 is a crisp first-person shooter that features some of the best visuals that can be seen on current generation consoles, as well as the same intense action and tight narrative that we've come to expect from the Call of Duty franchise."

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jFND903677d ago

Agreed, it does everything a sequel should.

TheGameLlama3676d ago

Never heard of this game. What's it supposed to be, another FPS?

SilverDragon19793677d ago

Great game, but definitely not Game of the Year.