Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight Dated

Welcome to the beginning of the end!

Electronic Arts today announced that gamers worldwide will experience an all-new way to play RTS games when Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight hits store shelves in North America on March 16th and in Europe on March 19th.

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RedMist113684d ago

Glad the release date has finally been revealed, looking forward to this one!

BrianC62343684d ago

I wonder if the people making the game are happy? From what I read this week their jobs are over when this game is released. They should find all kinds of major bugs just to keep from getting let go.

dreamtheater873683d ago

If the devs will be out of work after finishing this game then I suspect they'll work harder to make the most polished and bug free game possible, and on time. It won't help them get remployed for another company if their last game was buggy and late would it:)

Panthers3683d ago

I doubt they still wouldnt be let go. I just think that the game will go unpatched. Either way, I do not see this game getting a lot of support after release which is a real let down since I tend to stick with games I love for a long time.

Nihilism3683d ago

good job with the constant internet connection requirement for the single player portion EA... /s

3683d ago