Shadowrun Review By CVG

Shadowrun's been given a hard time, really. The knives have been out for FASA's shooter from day one, maybe because PC gamers have mixed feelings about playing with the console thralls, or maybe because the art style is really bad. The fact that it's being released during the Halo 3 multiplayer beta probably doesn't help its chances either... Continue reading CVG's review.

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MK_Red4755d ago

Wow, they were pretty harsh on the game. will GS and IGN do the same? I mean 6!!??

ngg123454755d ago (Edited 4755d ago )

And it sucked. I would have given it in the 5's if I was to review the beta. It was absolute garbage.

sonarus4755d ago

yea i knew the game wud be garbage. GS and IGN ar taking so long to rate it though

calderra4755d ago

FASA needs help.
Shadowrun was screwed up from the start- they didn't remain even remotely close to the source material, and it was downhill from there. And Battletech / Mechwarrior, a license that seems impossible to screw up, has been mediocre at best.

...or maybe they need to refocus on pencil-n-paper RPGs...?

Eclipticus4755d ago

maybe they were pushing it out the door, for the vista crossplay (obviously) and to get started on Crimson Skies 2. well heres hoping

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The story is too old to be commented.