PlayTM: Tekken 6 Review

PlayTM writes: "Even the most die-hard fanatic of Namco's flagship fighter will concede that the series, in terms of mass-market consumption in the West, peaked at Tekken 3. That was 1998 - a long, long time ago, when Microsoft hadn't even begun to think about getting into the console market and European versions of everything still came locked at a despicable 50hz. Such faraway sentimentality ensures that the home version of Tekken 6, released to coincide with the series' 15th (I'm so old) anniversary, has a tough gig: it has to compete with nostalgia, the fighting genre's increasingly niche status in the West and the fact Street Fighter IV arrived earlier this year entirely unfazed by both."

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nan03678d ago

No matte how much the scenario lacked, the traditional fighting was awesome. The motion blur and 60 FPS made it extremely smooth. The online isn't as bad as everybody says it is, maybe 1 out of 5 matches has some lag. Depends on the time of day for me usually as well. Sometimes I have no problems, sometimes (at night usually) It'll be a little more common.

I still love this game and how the characters are made. This is the only fighter that I like most of the characters. Plus their move lists are all unique and crazy cool.