Torchlight devs: "We plead guilty for copying Diablo"

Max Schaefer, one of the founders of Runic Games, stated in an interview, that they plead guilty for trying to perfect a style of a game they've worked on since the early 90's.

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moe843675d ago

No game dev makes a game with out copying another game in some way. Especially these days.

This isn't really news. Good ready though, definitely plan to pick this one up soon.

Syronicus3675d ago

Admitting to the copy of Diablo and hitting the nail on the head as well as this dev has done can only mean one thing... It is a great game. I bought it last weekend and love every minute of it. Great game and you will love it.

TitanUp3675d ago

hmm the best thing to really come out of this article that was not completely obvious is the torchlight mmo and they say people can make their own classes in the single player version of the game.

im going to have to buy this

thereapersson3675d ago

I got off work at 12:30 AM, got home around 1 AM, ate some food, and then started playing Torchlight about 1:20-ish. It's now 7:42 PST at the time of my writing this comment, and I just now managed to find the will to stop playing. This game is so damn addictive, it should be considered illegal!

Demarco1563675d ago

ye like every single pc rpg since 1997

NicCageMYHero3675d ago

D3 isn't coming out until 2011 at the earliest so it's good to see more Diable-like games hitting the market. Torchlight is awesome and works on basically any computer made since 2000.