Star Trek Online: Two games in one

There's no shortage of fiction in the Star Trek universe, but harvesting those resources can be a double edged sword as Cryptic don't want to annoy the most hardcore of fans. Perhaps the biggest challenge is crafting gameplay which faithfully emulates the series and it's something which Cryptic are investing a huge amount of effort:

"When you think about Star Trek there is no way to separate the image of the iconic starships from the away team exploring an alien landscape. We knew right off the bat that we'd have to make both the space and ground experiences. That's two games right there!"

Making one game is hard enough, but trying to tie together two different forms of gameplay into one cohesive experience must be incredibly challenging. So far most of the previews have featured the space combat at great length, but we are yet to see what it's like questing on a planets surface.

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