Cascade Game Foundry Talk New Projects

Speaking to IncGamers, ex Microsoft flight sim studio (previously known as Aces Game Studio) and newly formed Cascade Game Foundry managing director, Kathie Flood, outlines the plan for the new wave of simulations we can expect.

"Simulation titles have traditionally been all about driving vehicles like planes or trains."

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Maticus3718d ago

Could be interesting...

Leord3718d ago

Yes. If you like flight sims :)

Redrudy3718d ago

But they said that they're not looking at flight Leord. They're exploring new avenues away from flight and driving.

Fyzzu3718d ago

You know what? Bizarre as the "Walking the Andes" idea is, I actually think that's a brilliant idea. I'd play that, and I'm not a big fan of sims. It's just a really novel idea that I suspect would play like nothing else out there.

Leord3718d ago

Heh, I have a work colleague who is a nutter for flight sims. He'll be pleased!

Dorjan3718d ago

I'm glad they're on their feet :D