Xbox DEAD: Laying down the ban hammer

Almost one million gamers "gutted" at their 360s being booted off of Xbox LIVE, but do they deserve it?

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Marcello3730d ago

I wouldnt say Xbox was dead, far from it but banning customers is stuff of nonsense. It falls in the same catergory as record companies suing ppl for d/l tunes its just gets to the point where things get really ridicolus. I think banning 1 million ppl has become just that now.

Chris3993730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

I'm not clear on whether they've banned the accounts AND the consoles linked to said accounts, but either way, that's more revenue comming in from their fanbase.

For better or worse, the 360 fanbase is very dedicated to their hardware. They will buy new Live accounts or consoles (probably to mod or whatnot again). I wouldn't be surprised if sales were up or near to par with holiday 2008 despite not having a September cut (they didn't have a price "drop" this year, they had a price "shift" and added 60 gigs to a Pro painted black - minus the HD cables).

ASSASSYN 36o3730d ago

I ran into 3 people on MW2 stating they had to buy new console and because their modded console was banned. I have NO sympathy for any of them.