Left 4 Dead 2 To Hit Stores 17 November

IncGamers reports EA has announced Left 4 Dead 2 will be available for pre-purchase now, and will hit stores next Tuesday, 17 November.

New screens also available.

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Maticus3730d ago

Plenty of people are simply drooling over this, I expect it to do very well.

Fyzzu3730d ago

You're not drooling over it? Heretic ;)

Leord3730d ago

It's not drool, it's a boomer :P

pangitkqb3730d ago

Gonna be awesome. I'm buying the PC version of course. Thank you, Steam.

Fyzzu3730d ago

Already pre-ordered on Steam. I don't need no retail copy! :)

Leord3730d ago

I have friends in Finland who have asked me to buy the game on Steam for them, and they wire money to my PayPal account. The difference in price between the countries are like £10 per game...

Dorjan3730d ago

I wonder if releasing so close to MW2 is a good idea?

pangitkqb3730d ago

That will not be purchasing MW2, myself included. I am, however, picking up Left 4 Dead 2. Having angered the PC community by displacing servers, lowering the multiplayer count, Removing mods, and yet raising the price, PC gamers who once planned on getting MW2 are now looking for another fun, action packed shooter. L4D2 is a great alternative.

AndyA3730d ago

Not sold on the new setting, but can't wait for this.

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