Second hand PS3's are top shelf material at UK retail outlets

A MaxConsole reader from the UK mailed in to let them know about some 'promotional methods' that the GAME group are conducting in order to try and move PS3's at a faster rate. One such move was to place adverts for SECOND HAND PS3 console's at the top of the PS3 shelf with a price of £379.99 (Almost a £50 discount on the RRP). An interesting move indeed. AS the UK reader points out, it's a bit worrying that such a well known store is heavily promoting the sale of second hand PS3 systems so early on into its life cycle as it implies that there are a large number of returns by customers!

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gta_cb4578d ago

ok for all the people who disagreed with me a month or 2 ago when i said this happened when i went into my local yet very popular game shop called GAME. ha! its even been written!

anyway back on topic, looking at the good news here, hopefully it will help make up Sonys mind to maybe have a price cut this fall/winter? =D it would be good.

drtysouf214578d ago (Edited 4578d ago )

posted this article i've noticed a trend he's the only one that uses that picture for his stories and he's the only one that posts these crazy stories from maxconsole and to be honest i think he posts them there just to post them here. ( I could be wrong thats just my opinion) I'm not trying to pick a fight with him because i don't get into fanboy fights as i own and play all 3 consoles but this is just something i've noticed.

Edit Damn i'm proud of myself! I called it before this story was even approved and before i knew for sure it was him. I noticed he changed the picture though because before it showed a picture of a screw and said screwed.

fenderputty4578d ago

To see how incredibly lame Mart truely is, just look at his post history. Out of all the new stories he's submitted a semi-decent portion of them are PS3 related and all are negative. He's so hell bent on the destruction of the PS3 it's almost sick.

gta_cb4578d ago

just want to say yeh this has been posted by TheMART but it doesnt mean its not true. and i have to say this IS true, infact this has been going on for over a month now, look back to all those threads about the PS3 doing well, and you will see me posting about when i went into my local retailer etc etc, just like i said in comment #1

but before fanboys start on my just look at my comment #1 as you have to look on the bright side which is more likely to have a price cut sooner then later.

tethered4578d ago

posted this article"

Haha! That is so funny and you are so right.

themart must be Peter Moore or Bill Gates in disguise!
There is no other explanation I can come up with for how much he hates Sony.

Alvadr4577d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

TheMart seems to only live for bashing the PS3. Quite pityful really

This isnt even a news story, its a website posting by some random dude. Plus anyone who buys a second hand ps3 for £379.99 is a total moron when for £399.99 on you can get a brand new one with a fee HDMI cable and a copy Click on bluray.

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CyberSentinel4578d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

I'm sure there will be a SPG article soon, that will denounce this as a fake, because we all know the "Sony Protection Group" only reports real news.

@3.1 GTA_cb: I think you misunderstood me, I believe it, but lemmings are in denial, and will post another "Anonymous" fanboy article from that absolute debacle of a sham website, sony protection group. If that ain't a last ditch effort to avoid defeatism, I don't know what is. Its about as creditable as an Anti-PS3 article from Trust me I believe you bro, I talk to the employee's at the two Gamestop locations near me, and they tell me how poorly the PS3 sales are.
Its no secret to any "gamer". Go down to you local Gamestop or EB store, and just ask questions. Most locations are staffed by young employees, that are more then willing to talk about it.

gta_cb4578d ago

dude this IS real!

if you want, you or someone can PM me asking me to go down and take a picture of the PS3s, unless they havnt got any in, as when i went in to my local retailer is was just over a month ago, but anyway yeh if someone PMs me asking to i will go down and take a pic of the PS3s at this price (second hand obviously)

techie4578d ago

Ok I bought mine new for £389 with free HDMI sooo second hand at £379 is a rip off

SmokeyMcBear4578d ago

is this true... does deep indeed have a ps3 system? or is he just fanning the flames? hehe

kewlkat0074578d ago (Edited 4578d ago )

Now when you gonna buy an xbox 360? Plenty of games coming out..hehe

Anyhow Whatever measures to move PS3 units...I don't care. It is what it is, pls gamers top the defending.

Also stop the Hypocrusy, There have been many negative news about the 360 submitted by you posers, and some are highly flammable material...People take notice ya know.

This has become like a neighborhood fire watch..Sheesh

gta_cb4578d ago

yeh just remember with shops etc they have "the middle man" and also you hardly ever get a better deal in shops then online, i spose you got yours online?

when i went into my local retailer about 1 month ago, there was 3 pre-owned PS3s all for £379.99 and i THINK you get one free game, although it mite only be for new PS3s. yeh i also think its a rip off, but i would rather have one from retail IF i could then off the internet as i would know exactly where to go rather then messing around with shipping etc.

@ SmokeyMcBearc

yeh i am pretty sure he has a PS3 now.

tethered4578d ago

Good to hear it Deep.
My PSN is In-cognito and I suck at most games but I still have fun.

Add me if you like.

Bathyj4578d ago

Congrates Deep, you deserve it. Now doesn't that feel better?

techie4577d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

Thanks all. Won't feel better until it's in my house...still in the friggin post! Well so long, wont be around here anymore.

And kewl kat I'm sure everyone will stop the hippo crusty.

SO long all, it really has been a pleasure.

gta_cb4577d ago

shame your going deep, are you not going to be logging on at all? (like in your spare time?

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carlman234578d ago

And the guy at the counter told me that I wasn't the first. I don't think it's an epidemic or anything, but until Sony starts releasing games to compete with Xbox's current line up, you're gonna get a few (or more...).

tethered4578d ago

carlman, I agree. Sony really needs some great games to move a large number of PS3's, and I really believe that is coming very soon. All the people that actually returned their PS3 might want to buy another one.

Only time will tell.

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