Sonys Ego Cost Them Their Own Halo

Sony has had a ton of opportunities to capitalize on Microsoft some worked, and some didnt' but the most crucial missed opportunity was having Call Of Duty all to themselves. Sony would've been in such a bigger position than their in now but a couple of slip ups has kept them away from even greater strides they would've currently had.

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Darkeyes3725d ago

Lol HHG.. This guy really knows how to make a headline for hits.

evrfighter3725d ago

I thought it was going to be a legit article. Then I saw a dude with his hat on sideways that likes to carry around a fake rasslin belt.

I think it's safe for me to say I dislike HHG more than ps3 fanboys for obvious reasons.

mercenarie3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

500 million predicted for call of duty modern warfare 2, we sure as hell know that the call of duty games will NEVER be an exclusive with either console, the monster sales and activision guarantees it.

common sense HHG, SONY (and microsoft) would have to fork out BIG money to obtain the exclusive, which i may add can be used to fund first party devs to create games people want.

GayASSAdmins3725d ago

hhg news that doesnt give advantage on sony = mad ps3 fanboys saying he's lame.

hhg news that advantage sony = sony fanboys saying he's right and good article.

nix3725d ago

uh-oh.. why do i sense Warzonegamer is going to come out with video of his own today?

3725d ago
anh_duong3725d ago

actually cod would have gone multi-platform by the time mw2 came out.. unlikely ms would have sat back and let mw2 stay exclusive given the recent history..

jjohan353725d ago

Highly unlikely unless Sony bought the IP to Call of Duty. Otherwise the sequels would have gone multiplatform regardless if the initial games were Sony exclusive.

badz1493725d ago

I've click any way! so...wth...LOL HHG!

3725d ago
meetajhu3725d ago

i hate this guy. But i really need to appreciate him for having a knowledge of creating best headlines which makes me click.

droid and bot3725d ago

sorry HHG
sony dont need a "HALO"

3725d ago
DMason3725d ago

The punctuation and grammar is absolutely third grade level. It makes me cringe to actually try and read this. This is gaming journalism at it's absolute lowest form. Will someone please remove this vermin from this site already?

sikbeta3725d ago

The same can be said about xbox fanboys, all of you enjoyed all the HHG news favouring or giving advantage to M$ for long time and now that sony is first again we see articles that differ from time to time

gaffyh3725d ago

If Call of Duty was exclusive, it would be a major plus for PS3. But if it were PS3-Exclusive, it would have gotten treated as badly as a PS3 exclusive. It would be getting very little perfect scores, and every xbox only owner would be saying "Halo is better" or "COD sucks."

Foliage3725d ago

"I think it's safe for me to say I dislike HHG more than ps3 fanboys for obvious reasons."

Because he is almost as bad as 360 fanboys? I agree!

nycredude3725d ago

If COD franchise was Ps3 exclusive then it would get exposed as the overated, overhype, played out game that it is.meta average 8-8.5 guarantee.

edgeofblade3725d ago

You know... I don't like this guy's anti-intellectual delivery much... but he's right. Sony acted like they didn't want to play the money game, but it ended up costing them. Microsoft leveraged their cash to get what they wanted. And now Sony is suffering as a result.

You can put a negative spin on this as much as you want... but this in the way things shook out. Welcome to business.

talltony3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

for 2 reasons...sound and the controller.

I bought it for 360 and was playing it and was just thinking to myself that something felt off. Now I have only played cod on xbox 360 but really havent touched my 360 for a year and have been playing fps's on ps3 alot lately. Let me just say this, after I played my bros ps3 version of MW2, the problems went away because I have come to the conclusion that xbox 360 joysticks are way too imprecise. The ps3 joysticks are sooo much better and smoother imo. I am not making this up nor being biased. I bought it for 360 thinking it was going to be the best version but boy was I wrong, if you like better precision or better sound, the ps3 and pc version is where its at. Trust me!

lightningsax3725d ago

Bigger strides? Where?

COD4 was so big that an exclusivity deal with the next one would have been immense. IW's going to make a bunch of money with a multiplatform Call of Duty - how much money would be needed to recoup the loss of profits with a deal?

You've gotta pick your battles, and I think Sony has picked the right ones, staying with their core second-party companies and leaving a few multiplayer blockbusters to the entire market.

Also, you've gotta love this headline! It rhymes!

frostypants3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

PS3 HAS its Halo. It's called Warhawk, it came out 2+ years ago, and it is light years ahead of Halo 3. Unfortunately, it was an early PS3 title and Sony didn't grease any palms, so it didn't get the press. It still has the best sound effects I have heard in any game on any platform, ever.

Halo is kiddie stuff that PCs were doing in the 1990s.

edgeofblade3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Thank you for completely discounting personal preference. It's clear you know better than us what controller is the best and I should just copy everything you do and feel. My own personal preferences don't matter.

@frostypants: ...Really? You're kidding, right? Oh, your not. My parents told me about people like you.

The Lazy One3725d ago

360 fanboys don't watch HHG because all his videos just jack off PS3 fanboys.

Killjoy30003725d ago

Or maybe it's a catalogue sporting true diversity, ultimate splittimng up your community into multiple genres? Sony doesn't need a Halo.

Beast_Master3725d ago

Oh Boy, for a few months I was actually feeling bad for HHG. So many people hate the guy. I listen to the Warzone and dude gets chewed out by all the fanboys in Tor's crew. But I cannot in good conscience defend the dude anymore.

How does one post an V-article (not my word) about a meeting that no-one knows actually took place or what terms where discussed, or the price tag attached. And just make up a scenario that somehow Sony's EGO was the cause of the deal breaker? So why even have a meeting if Sony's ego was so big? And wouldn't MS have also had the same opportunity that Sony had..maybe the option of a bidding war was part of the problem.

I think I just got stupider for watching this... Thanks Hip-Hop!

XxZxX3725d ago

I starting to prefer chad warden instead of hiphopgamer, even chad only made 1 video.

Pekka3725d ago

After CoD4 price of IP or even exclusive contracts skyrocketed to astronomical figures. After that, they could have only bought exclusive DLC for next game (just for 1 game) with $100 million, it wouldn't be enough for timed exclusivity. Exclusivity for next CoD may have cost $400-500 million and IP would probably have cost way past $1 billion (even $2 billion is possible). Price of exclusivity is high because revenue would have dropped by several hundred millions and they have to take in to account. And revenue of the franchise is huge so IP would have to cost huge money. Because Activision is in good financial shape, I don't think they would sell them for any less.

I don't think neither MS nor Sony IP would be worth that much considering sales would drop after exclusivity. CoD franchise should have been bought BEFORE CoD4 when it was relatively cheap.

lightningsax3725d ago

@Frostypants - I see where you're coming from, and I really want to agree, but I just can't because of your last sentence - Sure, Halo is something that PC's did in the 1990's, but that's not a bad thing. Modern Warfare is something Halo did on the Xbox, Street Fighter 4 is something Karate Champ did on the NES, and Rez was nothing but Star Fox 64/Panzer Dragoon gameplay, and that's totally fine.

A big part of moving the video game industry forward is refining current assets. There was a great article a while back (I think it was in Kotaku) about how this current generation is about subtle changes to things like user interfaces, more cinematic experiences, the abolishment of loading screens (Tekken 6 notwithstanding), stuff like that, and I agree. You have to rehash certain stuff - in some ways, Dragon Age is just doing what Pong was doing in the 70's.

Here I am waxing philosophical on a HHG thread. Joke's on me.

talltony3725d ago

Just my opinion. I used to prefer the 360 controller for fps but I just changed preference. It is just a preference but it is a fact that the ps3 joysticks have less dead zone than 360's. I found it easier to go from 360's controller to the dualshock 3 than the other way around.

evrfighter3725d ago

"Because he is almost as bad as 360 fanboys? I agree! "

I dunno. I don't own a failbox 360 so I can't tell you.

gaffyh3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

@talltony - THANK YOU. I've been saying that for a while, I like the 360 controller, and it is very good for shooters, but the sticks are not as precise as the PS3 controllers. I mainly had an issue with this on Halo 3, and was just after I had played Resistance 1. I noticed that Resistance 1 just controlled way more accurately than Halo 3, especially during sniper firing.

PrimordialSoupBase3724d ago

Don't even give this idiot the time of day. Do not click.

Alternate Acct No1003724d ago

translator and also explain why this 35 year old man is running around with a wrestling belt on his shoulder.

Alternate Acct No1003724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Can you show me a picture of your dog that you are always talking about.

talltony3724d ago

Cool man see u know where I'm coming from. Couldn't agree more.

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skeletonss3725d ago

rediculous. easy to pick on things that dont pick back huh?

FadeToBlack3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

With a name like that you must be starving for attention...

gamingisnotacrime3725d ago

Sony's "ego" has been delivering exclusives on a monthly basis this season. Sony's ego is selling a BluRay + Best gaming console around for $299, Sony's ego is keeping PSN FREE, all in all this video is ridiculous, and i can guarantee CoD 4 as PS3 exclusive would have flop

edgeofblade3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Now now... don't crucify him over his name.

Sony's ego is obscuring otherwise good games and inflating expectations WAY out of proportion. The only games I have played on PS3 that really lit up my world were Infamous and MGS4. Everything else was pretty disappointing.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 3725d ago
zenosaga043725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Sony has its own Halo sized hit and its called ...

Gran Turismo

but I guess that doesn't count because there are no guns and you don't kill anything right?

skeletonss3725d ago

guess who i sound like???

a ps3 fanboy.

zenosaga043725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

your tears are warm and salty... maybe you should stop crying and go play that system of yours

call me a fanboy all you want, but realize that you're no less of a fanboy than I am =)

WildArmed3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

lol skele..
you sound like how you always do.
Atleast keep ur fanboism in the open zone.
oh wait.. it might be too hard for you to tell the difference between open n gamer zone with those teary eyes.

GayASSAdmins3725d ago

LMAO skeletons so true!


bigrudowsky3725d ago

i agree that gran turismo is the playstations halo. When it releases its going to make forza's sales look like a joke not trying to flame but its true.. Just like halo 3 has done with any ps shooter.

wxer3725d ago


he is saying the truth you know
GT sold 50 million units

Cyrax_873725d ago

...then zenosaga hit it right on the button. It's called Gran Turismo, a franchise where every game has sold over 10 million copies. The freaking demo sold 4 million copies, imagine how much the full game will sell.

Come March the "sales" attacks and arguments will finally be put to rest.

sakura20093725d ago

zenosaga your not a fanboy. these people are just sensitive

skeletonss3725d ago

it dosent effect us in any way shape or form. and if it was a 360 fanboy crying i would have said the same thing. so happens, its mostly ps3 fanboys with the hurt feelings.

egm_hiphopgamer3725d ago

gran turismo is a huge title man i can't wait for it but it's not moving 3 or 4 million in a day, if it does i'll be excited i hope that happens but in the 4 years that ps3 has been around no game has done it not even metal gear you feel me

Cyrax_873725d ago

The thing is it doesn't have to move millions of units in one day (like all those overrated shooters). Final Fantasy and GoW3 will be out around the same time and there'll be alot more PS3 owners. GT5 will have incredibly long legs.

iron_sheik3725d ago

rather you should be wa wa skeletons
also halo odst and wars both flopped in reviews and didnt move any x360

GT will move atleast a million ps3 worldwide and has more global appeal than halo

ultimolu3725d ago

I don't understand this. Why aren't other games being attacked for not moving 3 million or 4 million a day? Why must Sony games move so much in one day? Sony exclusives have always had long legs.

It doesn't need to sell all of that in one day to be amazing.

Your stuff is going downhill HHG, I'm sorry.

Arsenal4Ever3725d ago

I disagree Ultimolu. I don't see what he's done wrong. Everyone on N4G is joining the hate patrol. Just because you don't agree with him doesn't mean "he's going downhill".

ultimolu3725d ago

But no one can explain to me *why* Sony games must sell three million or four million to be marked a success.

His interviews are great, but this article is full of it.

Pennywise3725d ago

Okay, honestly... HHG, you want to be a journalist than quit typing and talking like a middle school drop out. Use capital letters and punctuation. Do YOU feel ME?

Reading your comments makes me laugh. Buy a keyboard with a shift key, bro.

Mr_Bun3725d ago

don't you know the gansta keyboard doesn't have the shift key?...It's missing other keys too, aight

Pennywise3725d ago

Oh... Punctuation and grammar are considered "soft"?

I would also like to say, no... no, I don't "feel you". Why would I ever want to feel you? And if by "feel me" you mean understand me... No, no I do not comprehend.

+ Show (15) more repliesLast reply 3725d ago
ultimolu3725d ago

Amen. Damn multicolored Power Rangers...

Bereaver3725d ago

Man, screw you guys! Honestly! You are all turning into morons just like the Xbots. Sure, ODST was just a redone piece of crap, but Halo isn't a piece of trash.

Don't change into something like them. Seriously.

3725d ago
AngryTypingGuy3725d ago

As far as I'm concerned, anyone who can't acknowledge anything good about either system just because they like one better than the other is a piece of crap. And Sony fangirls are by far the most petty and baby-like.

edgeofblade3725d ago

Your bias feeds me, makes me laugh. You don't know what you want or why you feel that way. It's impossible for you to make an unbiased assessment of something you decided to hate... and you never even tried.

Just go away. You are addicted to negativity. You use it to shore up your insecurities. And I'm addicted to laughing at you.

traverstrousers3725d ago

really? what does hating on halo have to do with hating the 360? not a single person dissed the 360 only you have refered to it.

BTW Halo suck ass as does all FPS without mainly bullet based weapons. Thats why K2 owns.

AngryTypingGuy3725d ago

I'm speaking in general terms about the majority of people on this board. If anyone ever says anything remotely negative about Sony, then they get a ton of disagrees, even if what they said is the truth. It's a childish mentality that is demonstrated by both sides, but by Sony fans in particular.

And by the way, your opinion of Halo is just that, an opinion. The success of the franchise speaks for itself. I think Halo is an amazingly fun franchise. The only thing holding it back is the outdated graphics engine, but luckily we can kiss it goodbye with the release of Halo: Reach.

Cletus3724d ago

I pulled a Ego waffle from da trash wunc. It has a picure of Mary with a halo onz it!

+ Show (7) more repliesLast reply 3724d ago
HDgamer3725d ago

Forget halo, it's all about killzone 2. Good single player and multiplayer experience. But hey if that's not your game then Resistance 2 has 8 player co-op and 60 player matches or even Uncharted 2. Too many games that surpass halo.

bigrudowsky3725d ago

Halo is its own beast the best mp game out of those is k2 but they are very different games its all in opinion.. resistance is nice and while uc2 sp is awesome the mp is wayyyyyyyy tooo easy at least from my experience with it.

egm_hiphopgamer3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

a ton of games surpass halo in terms of game quality but the gaming community has spoken. when a game like halo odst can sell 2 million copies in 24 hours when a games like killzone 2 takes like 5 months to sell 2 million that's crazy right there. the quality in killzone 2 destroys halo but from a business standpoint halo is king why i don't know but it is