PSX Extreme: MotorStorm: Arctic Edge PS2 Review

PSX Extreme writes: "MotorStorm is a great franchise, and it's unfortunate that the PSP game, which launched before the PS2 game, hasn't performed very well in sales. The PS2 version is now here, as well, and I really cannot stress how great both versions are. Granted, there are some differences between the two games, and the PSP version is actually more feature filled, but you can't go wrong with either game. In fact, the game is so fully-featured, Sony even chose to bring it to the PlayStation 2, and it's a good thing that they did. I enjoy the franchise because it's awesome playing a game like MotorStorm and listening to pre-Black Metallica. I don't know, I guess there's something really kick ass and metal about off-road games that really gets me in the mood to listen to stuff like Metallica, or Trivium, maybe Killswitch, or Bodom."

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