Craigslist flooded with modded Xbox 360 consoles after a Microsoft ban

After Microsoft did a mass ban of modded Xbox 360 consoles from the Xbox Live service, owners have flooded Craigslist in droves to get rid of their illegally modified consoles. Anyone in the market for a used 360 right now should adopt a "buyer beware" attitude.

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iron_sheik3267d ago

most of these users will just switch to PS3 since PSN is free and ps3 is 299$ . when you have a bad experience with a company then you dont want to repurchase their products anymore

jjohan353267d ago

I'd never buy 360 used. 3 year warranty does NOT transfer on used purchases. Given how bad the RROD was, you'd never know the true age of the console you're getting if it's used.

cmacdonald3267d ago

No it's not bad for MS, the arcade unit on amazon is selling like crazy.

REALgamer3267d ago

Getting banned for pirating games is a 'bad experience' they brought on themselves.

It's like stealing a Honda and then declaring you're never getting a Honda again because the hot-wiring stopped working.

NMC20073267d ago

I love delusional Sony fans, they are just too funny.

presto7173267d ago

Does that mean those guys are totally getting off the xbox wagon?

Ace Killa 083267d ago

I love it how fanboyism clouds the mind of immature brains, it never fails!

Godmars2903267d ago

Considering that most of those games will likely be pirated is it really going to matter?

They're either going to uses those copies to pad the deal to some sucker or keep them so they play again once a new hack is figured out.

iron_sheik3266d ago

where exactly are those aracades selling? on amazon just because u can get a 100$ gift card with an arcade purchase
However ps3 is still outselling x360 in america and that would stand atleast for some more months

x360 isnt attractive anymore when ps3 is 300$ . also like i said most of those million users will switch to ps3

Isaac3266d ago

Xbox fanboys should re-think the install base of 360 every time they talk about "3rd place". Every time you think about 360's install base, remember to subtract 1 million banned consoles. That doesn't include the consoles that are dead and were never repaired.

anh_duong3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

there are SEVEN things a banned xbox owner can do:

1. keep his banned xbox and play offline xbox games for free but miss out on dlc and multiplayer and the live experience. outcome MS: Negative (no xbox live sub) Sony: Neutral.
2. sell his banned xbox and buy a new unhacked xbox and pay for games but get to enjoy live. outcome MS: Positive Sony: Neutral.
3. sell his banned xbox and buy a new unhacked xbox, then wait for a new undectable hack to come along then hack it. outcome MS: Positive Sony: Neutral.
4. keep his banned xbox and buy another xbox and play single player centric games for free and pay for multi-player games on the unmodded xbox. outcome MS: Positive Sony: Neutral.
5. sell his banned xbox and buy a ps3. outcome MS: Negative Sony: Postive.
6. keep his banned xbox and buy a ps3 and get to play single player xbox games for free and buy ps3 games for multi-player. this way you get to enjoy both xbox and ps3 exclusives whilst at the same time cut your gaming bill by half. outcome MS: Negative (no xbox live sub) Sony: Postive.
7. if you already own a ps3 then you could buy new multiplayer games on the ps3 and keep the banned xbox for single player games. outcome MS: Negative (no xbox live sub) Sony: Postive.

are there any other possibilities i have missed out??

personally i think the most likely options are 2, 3,4, 6 and 7. from what i can see sony benefits form option 6 and 7 whilst ms benefits from option 2, 3 and 4.

for me, if i got banned for modding my console i would most likely take option 6:

6. keep my banned xbox and buy a ps3 and get to play single player xbox games for free and buy ps3 games for multi-player. this way i get to enjoy both xbox and ps3 exclusives whilst at the same time cut my gaming bill by half.

bearing in mind most pirates are cheapskates and are are still loathed to pay for games so if they can get away with it then they will. why buy a ps3 you may ask?? well you already own a modded xbox so why not buy a ps3 and be a dual console owner instead of paying for two xbox consoles.

finally, we can see that whilst the xbox live banning will likely benefit ms there is also a significant likelihood it will also benefit sony.

if you had a banned xbox what would you do??

Bnet3433266d ago

Banning pirates is bad for Microsoft? How? They need to eliminates these idiots. Let them "switch" to PS3.

anh_duong3266d ago

although i don't condone piracy i think there is a lot of hypocrisy in people who call pirates idiot..

i am pretty sure 95% of the people who call pirates idiot are pirates themselves.

how many people here not downloaded a mp3, movie, tv show, ds/psp game or application without paying??

well if you have then you are a pirate too. just because you don't pirate xbox games doesn't mean you are whiter than white. piracy exists in many forms. clean up your own first house before you complain about others.

The Meerkat3266d ago

Can you pirate games on a PS3?

I would imagine most pirates would switch to PC.
£500 PC + pirate games for free.
£250 PS3 with £40 a game.
After only 7 games the pirate would be better off with a PC.

anh_duong3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

some people will still want to play online gaming on a console... a pc is useful but some people prefer consoles... i am not forcing anyone down a particular route - i am stating the options available to people who have their console banned. and as i mentioned earlier if you already own a xbox (which is banned) there is no harm in buying a ps3 if you want to own games for both consoles.

however, yes that is the one option i forgot.

8. keep the banned xbox and buy a $500 usd pc and play free multiplayer games on it. outcome: microsoft negative (no xbox live sub) sony: neutral. obviously assumption here is if you are a cheapskate who priate games then chances are that you would pirate the operating system else ms would benefit from a one off check for windows 7 oem.

btw you can get a 120gb slim for 199 pounds from many sainsbury stores now.

sikbeta3266d ago

He is still denying Piracy on xbox


Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

callahan093266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

I dunno. There was an article in AM New York yesterday (in fact, it was the cover story!) about the 360 banning, and in the article, they did an interview with one of the local owners who was banned. He just said he's going to go out and buy another 360 as soon as he can. This whole situation will probably be a sales BOOST for Microsoft because all of these people are just going to go out and buy another one. It's just altogether sad, everything about this story and what's going on in this industry.

Diamondwolf3266d ago

That's what I think also, the only thing that will happen is another 360 purchase. People don't want to be forgotten by their friends they made online.

@PS3 switch comments - Seriously? I mean.....Seriously? Why does it matter? You guys profiting from the conversion? If you want to market that info out, this is the wrong place because the people who frequent on this site, ALREADY KNOW THAT!

Sad thing is, people will buy these systems and a new breed of pirating, just not going online. I guess the silver lining is that since these were already being pirated, the numbers will stay the same

cereal_killa3266d ago

Sorry but your wrong I bought my 360 used and got RROD and they fixed it no problem.

Elven63266d ago

Why is it bad for Microsoft if these guys never or rarely bought games to support them and developers in the first place? If anything it's good because it will cut down on piracy a bit.

frostypants3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

@1.8: The 360 Arcade deal @ Wal-mart and Amazon is/was pretty solid. You effectively get a 360 for $99. They try to rip you off on the hard drive, but a refurbished 20gb drive with headset and 3 months of Live can be found for $40. Bam...360 w/ hard drive for $140.

Yeah, still kind of a ripoff on the disk space (a new 20GB drive should be under $20, if they were even manufactured anymore), but if I was buying a 360 that's the route I'd take.

However, a similar $100 off deal for the PS3 would be epically more attractive.

Poopface the 2nd3266d ago

I dont think many of them will switch over to ps3 because they cant mod it and DL games for free.

beardpapa3266d ago

Gee, since piraters are system banned, they can't even download demos, XBLA games, or use the window media center streaming. Heck Netflix is down for the count for that reason too.

I expect to see MS 360s quadruple in sales for December from this mass banning. Like Anh Duong said, piraters have no choice but to buy a new console to enjoy the new games in the long term unless they really just want to play their old games.

f7897903266d ago

They could be in huge trouble if MS intends to buy a few for court cases.

lsujester3266d ago

I personally plan on keeping mine, whether it gets banned or not. Assuming it does soon, I probably won't care. I don't pay for Live anyway, so I could care less. I have my PS3 for that. Don't care about Achievements, either, so the corruption won't bother me. I'll probably just do what I've been doing all along, buy (yes, I do buy games even with a modded box) the ones for multiplayer for my PS3, and still DL the pirated games for the titles I never would have bought anyway. I basically just replaced my Gamefly account with pirated games, so no difference for me with the bans.

And kudos to the guy above who said most people are pirates. If you've copied a friends CD and give it back to him, downloaded an MP3, gave a digital copy of a movie to someone else, DL'd a TV show from a torrent, any copying of a licensed title..... then you're a pirate. You're no better than me, or anyone else who pirates games.

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Cajun Chicken3267d ago

It's kind of funny. Because I can really see where the funding for this giant banning scheme came from because MS really doesn't spend the money gained from XBL on anything really significant...most of those people must have been paying for XBL instead of buying games which they actually should of been paying for.


Lord Shuhei Yoshida3267d ago

Selling trash on Craigslist is an interesting choice.The 360 will net you the same value as an old pair of shoes or a used kleenex

3266d ago
Lykon3266d ago

That is funny sh1t. yes beware of buying a console that breaks 3 times a year and scratches your disks and a company so arrogant they fix reviews and have been in the courts more times than jack thompson for ILLEGAL marketing practises and other shady stuff....awww poor M$ losing out to pirates LOL they deserve far worse than a few modded 360's.

silverchode3267d ago

i wonder if ms will count these at sold?

Shadow Man3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

of course not IS Craigslist NOT WAL*MART

enviable273267d ago

Its funny the other day I was thinking this was going to happen, and low and behold it did. :P