Midway to 1UP: "Give us better scores, or we won't support you"

1UP Editor, Andrew Pfister explains in his blog post why they are late with the review of Mortal Kombat Armageddon for Wii:

Because Midway didn't send the game to us for review. Apparently there were some bruised egos over there. Or a singular bruised ego. We're not exactly sure. Someone felt left out when Milky talked about top-tier fighting games in some preview a while back and neglected to mention MK, and EGM didn't score previous Mortal Kombat games as high as some of our competitors did. So Midway has decided to not send us review code at all as some sort of punishment. The message? "Give us better scores, or we won't support you."

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ITR4746d ago

I hope he doesn't offend Midway or his job might be gone.
I've seen it happen before.

consolecrusader4746d ago

there goes a 1UP Unreal Tournament Review

Violater4746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

Give us better games and we will start supporting you!
Gamers to 1up stop being biased pricks.

Really Mortal Kombat was good on the Sega now it should be put on the list of games to be set out to pasture.

Weed4746d ago

Agreed, None of the new MK game have impressed me really. Every time I played a MK on Xbox or Ps2, I just wanted to bust out a Sega Genesis. I have very high hopes for UT3 though. I can't wait for that game.

Covenant4745d ago

Darn it Violater, you took my response. Oh well. It needed to be said.

nice_cuppa4746d ago

bs rumours stuff like this article or the sony kotaku thing.

just charge more for the damb games already.

it might even get rid of the git kids online.

lil bush4746d ago

well than make better games...........

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The story is too old to be commented.