Big Download Review: Dragon Age: Origins

Big Download writes: "The newest opus from famed developer BioWare is the dark fantasy role-playing game Dragon Age: Origins. This massive game features a story filled with blood, violence and sex topped with BioWare's signature morality system, where players have the option to become saints or ruthless tyrants. Players take the role a newly recruited Grey Warden, an elite group of individuals charged with the responsibility of protecting the world from a catastrophic event called the Blight, which is when evil darkspawn creatures gather together into a massive army under the direction of an arch-demon to ravage the world. Similar to the Spectres from Mass Effect, BioWare's sci-fi role-playing counterpart, Grey Wardens are highly respected and their jurisdiction stretches across all the lands. Their sole purpose is to recruit from all walks of life and do whatever it takes to stop the Blight."

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