PlayStation 3 Not Syncing Trophies As of Today

Numerous PlayStation 3 users, including myself, have been experiencing some issues in regards to trophies not syncing properly

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NateNater4090d ago

Yep. This has been happening to me a lot lately

jhooty144090d ago

i thought i was the only one....

taco_tom2374090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

try playing an older game and earn a trophy then sync in worked for me.

presto7174090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

Damn. We'll soon start hearing its bricking Ps3.

what a big f**k up.

ape0074090d ago

it loads 1%....2%.....5%......10% and then error

the only way to show is I go to my brothers account and compare,it happen to my profile only,my bro can sync


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vhero4090d ago

Since the update this has happened. This adds salt to the new update is ready. The servers have obviously been updated ready for the update and are having problems connecting now we just need our update for everything to work smooth. No doubt syncing trophies was one of the fixes with the updates and that's why its broken now. So no doubt Sonys just made it faster.

Redempteur4090d ago

Lol this "error" happens when you have some trophies to sync and you just got them ..

i sync my trophies just fine after i tried a little later ...

( got my 400th today :) )

Shadow Flare4090d ago

Man im glad im not the only one. I couldn't believe yesterday. Basically, I used to have a motorstorm 2 gamesave but it got lost when my harddrive got wiped. But I felt like playing motorstorm 2 yesterday after a long time of not playing it. I stick in the disc, have to download an update for the game. I do that and create a new gamesave. But the 15 motorstorm 2 trophies I won before have disappeared! I thought its cos I started a new gamesave. I couldn't believe I lost all the trophies I won for it before. And then I couldn't sync my trophies and I thought it was to do with that. But if everyone's experiencing it then maybe its not

Snoogins4090d ago

I couldn't sync trophies today, either. I also keep getting a message periodically saying:

An error occured trying to register. (80121604)

I have no freaking clue what that means.

callahan094089d ago

This isn't just effecting Modern Warfare 2. I got my platinum trophy in A Crack in Time on Tuesday, and when I went to sync, it errored out at 92% every time. It's just all got something to do with the PSN maintenance, that's all. Everything will probably be up and normal soon enough.

Tempist4089d ago

I was having a problem with this since the 10th when the PSN was undergoing maintenance. And then there was added strain from people playing COD4 and getting trophies. It's network related and you just have to keep retrying and eventually your trophy data will upload to the servers.

ThanatosDMC4089d ago

Yesterday it stops at 10% i wonder if it's working properly today.

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krouse934090d ago

Yea I couldn't Sync At all today :(

54percent4090d ago

The PSN is now crowded with new PS3 users, so no wonder Sony will have to deal with that... I mean... They started to sold millions of PS3 and they had now millions of new users.. think about it, crowded PSN = problems

Feral Gamer4090d ago

There's no proof that it's due to more PS3 owners. It could simply be some sort of server problem.

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Feral Gamer4090d ago

Sony expected a sales increase. Are you saying they're not prepared?

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Feral Gamer4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

Funny, the PS3 is my system of choice. Maybe you should read profiles before you talk as though you know me. I have never owned a 360 so I can't talk about Live performance except the times at my friends' place.

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swiftshot934090d ago

Ya, I couldnt either. I think its because of MW2. Man Im tired of all the problems, they just fixed multiplayer and trophies, and we're still waiting for a party invite patch. Now this? Come on....

The Hunter4090d ago

This has definitely nothing to do with MW2.. I have this issue a while now, but you must do it over and over again and then it will sync at all..

ape0074090d ago

a month ago,IO can confirm,likle what The Hunter said,it has nothing to do with mw2

Delta4090d ago

WTF is up? This is BS if you ask me. Hopefully its fixed soon.

d3nworth14090d ago

I had this problem earlier today but it started working hours ago.