What If Modern Warfare 2 Was A PlayStation 3 Exclusive?

PSXextreme writes: You know, I think it's a question worth asking. In the very recent past, journalists and gamers alike have seen what developers dedicated to the PlayStation 3 can do if they focus all their efforts on producing a game specifically for Sony's console. Due to this, the other part of the debate centers on the following question: could making a game for both consoles be holding the PS3 back? Naughty Dog has already said Uncharted 2: Among Thieves would have to be a completely different game on the 360 as they utilized much of the special Cell Processor. Guerrilla had similar things to say concerning Killzone 2 and those who have played both often agree that nothing on the 360 can compare to either of those two titles.

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Vicodin4711d ago (Edited 4711d ago )

It should be obvious to anyone what the reaction to the game would be:

PS3 Modern Warfare Fails To Live Up To The Hype
review by Mike Smith(Xbox Live gamertag MasterChief666)

PS3 owners have been waiting for ever for a reason to justify their 600 dollar console. They will have to keep waiting. Sony's MW2 fails to live up to the Sony hype. Blah, blah, blah...

Sub HD graphics
PS3 is 'hard teh program'
Bad textures
Gears of War(fake marketing shots) looks better
Only 9vs9 online games because PSN is free
Lag and online problems because PSN is free
No innovation
Only 4 hour single player


Saaking4711d ago

It would be a LOT better and match the graphics of current generation PS3 games. Of course, same thing could be said if it was 360 or PC exclusive. If a developer focuses completely on ONE console the game is bound to be better.

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Icyhot4711d ago

If MW2 were a PS3 exclusive, then it could have been GOTY (If it used the potential that is)...

iron_sheik4711d ago

Honestly the graphics of MW2 sucked big time
The game would have ran at 1080p easily on ps3 when you have such mediocre graphics and gameplay

Winter47th4711d ago

Then it wouldn't be held back by ancient techs.

Maddens Raiders4711d ago (Edited 4711d ago )

than the BF:BC2 screens which look substantially better than MW2 atm. I'm just saying....

rdgneoz34711d ago

If it was a PS3 exclusive, it would have been beta tested like MAG so it wouldn't have as many bugs, better graphics, and a longer SP. And then it would have been rated like 8.5 to 9.0.

darkmurder4711d ago

What if it was? Well it isn't, it'd probly be crap anyway because infinty ward are lazy developers (not bashing PS3 im bashing IW)

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ape0074711d ago (Edited 4711d ago )

If I chose to give IW to ms or sony,I would give them to sony,it's pretty much obvious to anyone how sony take care of their exclusives,giving them a powerful engine(don't get me wrong,mw2 look absolutely amazing with killer framerates) support like uncharted 2,kz2,the last gardian and gow3,also give them deticated servers for lag free online play,look at halo3,ms this is halo,the game that made you,it's supposed to run on a much more powerful engine,I still have faith in halo reach and alan wake,Im not giving you up ms,I HOPE REACH KICKS HALO 1'S @SS

by the way,yesterday,I played like 2 hours of mw2,sp and online and my god it's one of the best experiences I've ever played,totally mind blowing,let just finish these damn exams and then BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF UNCHARTED 2 AND MW2 AND GAY TONY

IW you have nailed it guys,I salute you

HolyOrangeCows4711d ago (Edited 4711d ago )

"If a developer focuses completely on ONE console the game is bound to be better"

Tell that to Bungie. They still make sub-HD, AA-less games.

jhooty144711d ago (Edited 4711d ago )

cause infinity ward just wants $ they wuldnt go to ps3 just for the fact that there are more xbox 360 in the world

quality over quantity thats what naughty dog thinks ;)

mal_tez924711d ago

Increase in production values, decrease in sales.
Good examples are MGS4, Killzone 2 and especially the Uncharted series, they are by far the best games this generation and their sales are tiny compared to less fun games like Call of Duty and GTA

beardpapa4711d ago

If MW2 became a PS3 exclusive, it would've sold consoles. Of course, then there'd be a petition and boycott to go along with it as to why it went from a multiplat to console exclusive.

ReservoirDog3164711d ago

It's a hypothetical question meant to open your eyes to the unjust treatment some games get from reviewers (should've been a sandbox, flamethrower looks funny, too much variety ect.).

I'm sure it's a good game but it's a question that's meant to show you that the mentality reviewers went into mw2 with is different than say, Killzone 2.

Get it?

nix4711d ago

Bad graphics.
Bad online.
Brings nothing new.
Guns don't feel real.
Shortest single player ever.

Consoldtobots4711d ago

I think hypothetical situations are silly and just fuel for fanboys to flame PS3 owners (in this case). This game can be criticized on its own short-comings.

Where the hell is the vehicle support?
Why can't I climb buildings like in uncharted 2?
why can't I use a grappling gun to do the same?
where are my rolls? headkicks, necksnaps,backstabs? etc.

I could go on and on and on about all the things IW could add to their CASH COW but are just too lazy to.

guess what Bad Company 2 will do 90% of the stuff that makes these games fun, while COD just gives you the SAME OL CRAP in a new wrapper.

Ilikegames764711d ago

Then we don't have to put up with sub HD graphics. Think MAG but to a lesser degree.

vhero4711d ago

360 owners are lucky they got COD games from the PS brand in the first place. I do think though if it was an exclusive it wouldn't be getting the stupidly high scores its getting now and it would be getting slated for bad graphics.

Bnet3434711d ago

What if the world will end tomorrow? Yeah .. what if ...

Leio4711d ago (Edited 4711d ago )

Then you´ll notice how the reviews change

Game13a13y4711d ago (Edited 4711d ago )

then i wouldn't have wasted $399 (since i bought the MW 2 limited edition 360 and i totally feel the 360 is the inferior console **not being a fanboy**)

plus, the game would have been ALOT longer and graphics would be ALOT better.

Xbox Avatars Shoe4711d ago (Edited 4711d ago )

If it utilized the PS3's power/features, it would have these improvements:

- Full HD graphics
- Hi-res textures
- More action on screen at once
- Long campaign and a high volume of features due to the massive space Blu-Ray provides
- Lag-free multiplayer with more players per game using dedicated servers

GameTrailers gave Uncharted 2 a 9.3 and criticized it for being unoriginal (LOL) but gave MW2, which is just CoD4 with improvements and brings basically nothing new to the table, a 9.5. Gotta love the media bias!

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ShadowCK4711d ago

Well, Xbox 360 gamers would be very jealous and the PS3 Fanboys here would praise the game, claiming it to be one of the greatest games ever created due to it's exclusivity to their system. Anything not exclusive to the system can never be good occurring to them.

How you would spot it: "LOL mdoern warfare because teh **** out of halo!!! Ps3 r teh best conzol in teh planetz!!11! *** you b1tchzzz!!!11eleven!!!"

Characteristics: Stupid, ignorant, obvious, violent, easily angered.

arika4711d ago (Edited 4711d ago )

codmw 2 on xbox 360 and ps3 is 95% on metacritic.

uncharted 2 is 96% on metacritic.

now who do you think is going to be game of the year?

Bob Dole4710d ago (Edited 4710d ago )

COD is going to get GOTY over Uncharted just like GTA4 did over MGS4. People are too scurr'd to give the better game that's an exclusive GOTY over a multiplat that sells millions and has a ridiculous amount of hype behind it.

It's not fair but that's how it works nowadays.

7thNightvolley4710d ago (Edited 4710d ago )

well it would be HYPED AND HYPED AND HYPED as the second coming of christ... then all the ps3 fannies would fight internet battles b4 the game comes out and forget to buy one.. then it sales maybe 200k to 300k.. roughly.. in first week .. reviews must give a 10/10 if anything lower all hell will break loose.. graphics would be alot better .. since its being made for one console...

a few months is forgotten

sales bearly reaching 1 mill...

so much for 60 mill being spend on making the game...

and the cycle goes on... and on...

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Darkeyes4711d ago (Edited 4711d ago )

If MW2 was a PS3 exclusive (as it is) then.....
It would be criticized for having a 5 hour single player.
It would be raped in reviews for the same reason.
It would lose points cause the graphics look last gen.
360 fanboys would stick the same fact they don't care for now in our faces.

If MW2 was a PS3 exclusive (using it's potential) then....
It would be rated as one of the best looking games this gen uplifting itself to HD.
It would use Blu-Ray capacity and would have a longer single player.
It would still get raped by the reviewers aka Egde/Eurogamer (usual 7 for nothing original)
It would have DEDICATED SERVERS with more than 30 player support.
We would hear M$ PR & 360 fanboys shouting Halo>MW2...

Sk8boyP4711d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself.

bjornbear4711d ago

everything you said basically what i was gna say =P

ico924711d ago

eurogamer is ok its edge that would be way more critical

NateNater4711d ago

-PC gamers would have less things to complain about but still be pissed for not getting the game.
-Xbox 360 owners would be more pissed than ever before.
-PS3 owners would brag about it a lot.
-The world would end ;P

CrippleH4711d ago

Reviewers would dock it for being to short.
Dock the graphics down to a 9 instead of a 10.
Making a lame excuse like GT and says it need more sandbox elements.

HolyOrangeCows4711d ago

"Making a lame excuse like GT and says it need more sandbox elements"

LOL, too true. Xboxtrailers was looking for ANY reason to give Uncharted 2 a lower score than other games its capacity.

...but at least other sites were unbias enough, or in less denial at least, that it was the highest rated exclusive this gen, after Super Mario Galaxy.

SpartanZero4711d ago

The first thing that comes in my mind is no split-screen. Pretty much all 360 games offer split-screen while PS3 exclusives don't.

Darkeyes4711d ago

Uh um... Resistance... Don't act as if PS3 can't handle split screen lol.

iron_sheik4711d ago (Edited 4711d ago )

the game would have run at 1080p

also MP would have 60 player online too
PS3 is way more powerful than x360. there isnt any x360 game which is really next gen like kz2 and uc2

poopsack4711d ago

And it was there that Warhawk, Resistance and Motorstorm 2 among others blasted into non existence because Jijoro said so.