GameSpot: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review

The inelegant campaign plot may make you feel like you're just along for the ride, but it is such an intense, roaringly great ride that you will be glad just to have played it. The cooperative missions provide a uniquely fun angle on the action that rounds out the package superbly, making Modern Warfare 2 thoroughly entertaining, thoroughly rewarding, and thoroughly worth the wait.

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Digitaldude4711d ago

Good review. Alot more accurate than IGN and GT IMO.
Down to earth score with great reasons.
Gamespot takes the time to review their games, kudos to them.

Saaking4711d ago

9 is MUCH better than 9.5. I'm glad GameSpot didn't once again go with what IGN says. Pretty good review imo.

iron_sheik4711d ago

a 9.5 or a 10 is fit for uncharted 2

and a 9 or 9.5 is fit for forza3 --no GT5 but great racer

Timesplitter144711d ago

Suddenly Gamespot became true bros

pangitkqb4711d ago

Honest and relatable. I'm still not gonna get this game. Until IW treats the PC community as they deserve, I will have to conscienciously object.

Celeras4711d ago

They will earn my trust by ranking the PC version lower, unlike all these other payed off sites who gave all 3 versions the same score.

Hope is alive for this, as only the ps3/360 reviews are currently up.

jjohan354711d ago

There was an article that compared review scores by different major gaming sites. Supposedly IGN always overrates their scores compared to the flock, while Gamespot tends to agree the most with the other reviews. Edge and Eurogamer tend to underrate PS3 exclusives while overrates 360 exclusives.

nix4711d ago

unlike the IGN which used the binoculars from the Prestige Edition of MW2 to review and gave 10/10 for graphics.

kudos Gamespot for this one. i'm guessing Giant Bomb will be reviewing with the same vigor.

i knew IGN's review style was a joke when they gave 10/10 to GTA IV and how underrated Heavenly Sword was. soon people will realise the same for MW2 when they see it with their own eyes.

what this industry needs right now is gamers who are not blind otherwise, we'll continue to get shafted throughout this generation and next.

Dutch Boogie4711d ago

It seems the firing and layoffs have benefited us (the gamers) for the better. No more xbutt extremist to overrate such minuscule innovations.

evrfighter4711d ago

I'm sure they knew all eyes were on them after that kane and lynch fiasco and decided to go with an honest review rather than a hype review.

that restores a little tiny bit of trust for them.

nix4711d ago

ok.. i just found out that Giant Bomb gave 10/10. so, my earlier comment has been shattered.

vhero4711d ago

I thought the campaign was frustrating and annoying. You can get shot through your cover no matter what it is (even a brick wall or steel fence!) and with no ability to attach onto walls like other similar games it should have really been in this one. Not to mention you NEVER run out of ammo you can carry an insane amount (over 1000 bullets at a time for some weapons) and over 12 grenades per weapon. The realism is just not there the game really doesn't deserve a 9.0 but 8.5 as the realism is simply not there you feel more like a terminator than a soldier and the world simply doesn't feel real.

Of course reviewers ignore this and wet their pants instead.

ShadowCK4711d ago (Edited 4711d ago )

Excuse but how is this review accurate? This is perhaps the most imprecise review out of them all. I found Modern Warfare 2 to be a very nice sequel to one of my favorite games, Modern Warfare. It expands enough on its predecessor to appeal to new gamers, but also retains its old gameplay and style for "original" Modern Warfare players to keep with the game. It's a very fun game, and I could easily see it becoming GOTY.

I personally ____ Uncharted 2. It deserves more of an _/10.

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Alcohog4711d ago

Good review, but the game is more of an 8-8.5. Most will agree when the hype smoke clears.

iron_sheik4711d ago

The graphics of this game along with the Sp mode was a total letdown.
MP is great though

Vecta4711d ago

The funny thing is the review was originally posted as an 8.5 earlier today and then taken down shortly after...

Sircolby454711d ago

The sales tend to point otherwise. COD didn't become this popular by being an 8.5. It is not all about the graphics(even though MW2 graphics are pretty damn good I think). It is more about the gameplay. No game out there can match it.

DonCorneo4711d ago

my set up right now is predator missile, heli, pave low.. i just camp until my teammate uses a uav then i try to get the 5 streak.. then i just let do the helicopters do the job.. it's almost like cheating..

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-Mezzo-4711d ago

At last a review by GS that i agree with, this game is marvelous but anything above 9 is like crediting the Hype surrounding it.

I'd give it around 8.5/87 Max.,

Rio-Hustla-Inc4711d ago

Credibility slowly coming back! Good job GS

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