Itagaki on Ninja Gaiden DS

Earlier this week Tecmo -- and the head of Team Ninja, Itagaki -- swung by the IGN offices so they could get hands-on with the studio's Nintendo DS game, Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword. Follow the link for IGN's hands-on impressions.

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PS360WII4575d ago

IGN: The game is wicked fast -- and you said in an interview that Dragon Sword has the fastest Ryu Hayabusa yet. What did you mean by that?

Itagaki: You just played the game, right? That should be the answer. If you were to use traditional controls, no one could keep up and control him that fast. My goal was to maximize the ability of the touch panel and make it a challenge to the player.

No one could control him that fast... good to have a different way to play games then the standard controller sometimes eh?