Rockstar Announce World Table Tennis Tourney

Rockstar Games have announced details of their Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis Tournament, the region champions of which will all fly to Paris to compete for the world title.

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Table Tennis (PS4) Review - Swerve This One | Finger Guns

Sean @ FG: With physics that takes a lot of getting used to, Sabec’s Table Tennis is a substandard attempt to replicate the real world sport.

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Rockstar Adding Three Titles to the Xbox One Backward Compatibility

A distinguished trio of Rockstar Xbox 360 titles are coming to the Xbox One Backward Compatibility catalog next week: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Midnight Club: Los Angeles and Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis.

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ApexWolf222145d ago

About F'n time on Midnight Club 3!!

TheCommentator2145d ago

Definitely with you on the Midnight Club but Table Tennis was pretty awesome too!.

2144d ago
TheCommentator2144d ago

Yep. It only sounds dumb until you play it... and it's surprisingly fun!

Minute Man 7212145d ago

I got San Andreas n Midnight Club

RainOfTerror2145d ago

maybe they'll get to work on their GTA VI Xbox One X patch now :)

CurbStompin2145d ago

Hell yeah! Gamestop has Table Tennis for $2.99 now, and Midnight Club LA Complete for $9.99, Guarantee the prices will rise tomorrow so get them now.

Sgt_Slaughter2145d ago

I literally just bought LA Complete but for PS3 instead due to their 4 for $20 ($16 with Elite Pro) sale. Glad I have my receipt at least.

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