Gran Turismo Series Might Get Bikes

Kotaku says: Project Gotham did it. Burnout did it. So if Gran Turismo creator Kasunori Yamauchi is toying with the idea of putting motorcycles into Gran Turismo, you can't say it's without precedent.

In an interview with IGN, the Polyphony Digital boss was asked about the possibility of bikes making their way into the game, to which he responded "If that's what users really want in the game, I think that's a possibility. Or we could consider making a Tourist Trophy 2 as well."

Might be best sticking to TT2. GT5 is late enough as it is.

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SpartanZero3729d ago

How about fixing the physics first lol

lh_swe3729d ago

If you want accurate driving physics buy Forza 3 or GT5, yes their damage physics suck but thats because they are mostly cosmetic and don't fit in very well with the driving simulator type game in my opinion, as one should strive not to crash.

Foliage3729d ago

hahaha Jijoro just got owned.

It would be interesting to play the first real simulation of bikes in a game, especially on the only legitimate racing simulator out there. Of course, GT5.

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NateNater3729d ago

Bikes would be an intersting addition to the GT series

3729d ago
WIIIS13729d ago

They don't need to add what is already there.

sikbeta3729d ago

More options are always better, unless you play some Gran Turismo wanabe

toaster3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

If PD puts bikes it might feel a little tacked on. They should just stick to their guns and release GT5 first, and then maybe the bikes will be DLC. I don't want my racing experience marred by poor development decisions. I want the best that the TRUE game offers and if there's time for more then I'll race with bikes.

@ Below

What I mean is that they should just go with the plan of just releasing GT5. If they can get the game out and please everyone then they can make the bikes. I played Tourist Trophy myself back in the PS2 days. I just want them to get GT5 right before they start investing any more time on anything else.

Baka-akaB3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Tacked on ? stick to their guns ?

You guys realise they already did a pretty great motorcycle game , basically Gran turismo's bike equivalent : Tourist Trophy ??

It was the only ps2 game with GT4 to allow 1080i even ... and a pretty great and right on experience , with options like chosing your rider's pose on the bike .

It's easy to guess the only thing that prevented a Tourist trophy 2 is actually gran turismo taking so much of their time .

So imo it would be a great idea to fusion the two games , if the rumours is true .

EDIT : of course i dont wish it to further delay the game .
hell i dont even see why at this point of advanced developpement is yamauchi still wondering what to add or not .

nix3729d ago

but i don't want it delayed further.

Podrobski3729d ago

vans would be too..............NOT!

LiquifiedArt3729d ago

Very simulator. I've never played a big game that matched it or was even designed to match it.

My only issue is the wierd use of the controller since you have a manual gearbox, rear brake, front brake and ducking.

If you want to be good, your going to be forced to use 2 fingers on the 1 and 2 buttons. Its a tough thing to learn and get used to, but it pays off in the long run.

TT was a fantastic simulation. I'd love to see them in GT5.

Bring them on!!

InfectedDK3729d ago

Why not release GT5 around march 2010 and then after that make TT2 as a priced downloadable expansion for GT5..

EvilBlackCat3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Gran Turismo the best True Driving Arcade "sim" ever!

Rally Simulation?

Nascar Simulation?

Formula 1 Simulation?

& now bikes Simulation?

they cant get it right yet!

- "yeah bring more stuff and that way they will be distracted"

saint_john_paul_ii3729d ago

the only thing i didnt like about Tourist Trophy was it's Career Mode. i would rather Buy my Bikes than challenging the AI to Win it.

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life doomer3729d ago

it would be nice to include bikes but, make it a separate game mode. It will feel a bit arcadish driving bikes on the same track with cars.

Keowrath3729d ago

Would be interesting how the physics go. Would they use rediculously hard Superbike gameplay where if you go too fast round a corner, you're off the track and out of the stadium or too slow where you just fall off.

Or more arcadey Burnout/GTA physics where you're welded to the bike and the thing can corner at super high speeds...

Feral Gamer3729d ago

Maybe bumper car style... You sorts bounce off things and never fly off.

Shadow Flare3729d ago

No they would never race bikes alongside cars. There are some cars you can't race with other cars in GT cos of the different classes. So i'd imagine their would be races just for bikes in a special bike tournament section

Bathyj3729d ago

I called this.

They should add it in later as DLC. The engines there, the tracks. They dont need a hundred bikes, just a few different models. It would be easy.

LiquifiedArt3729d ago

More bikes will only make the game better. Similar to GT with loads of cars.

I still own TT and its a fantastic simulator.

saint_john_paul_ii3729d ago

i would rather see them make Tourist Trophy 2 than adding it.

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