CtrlAltKill: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition Review

While the HD consoles are busy with Modern Warfare 2, the Wii is getting a version of its own. However, its version is more like "Not-So-Modern" Warfare because it's really a port of the original game released two years ago just re-dubbed the "Reflex Edition" for some unknown reason. I assume it's for the twitchy nature of the pointer controls, but only Activision - or God (a.k.a. Bobby Kotick) - really knows.

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ape0073726d ago

reflex,the wii game to get this year is new super mario bros wii

that mario looked amazing,Im so hyped about it cause previews stated that it's Soo difficult

I like difficult mario games

AndrewE3726d ago

it is very nice that Treyarch did the best possible job they could on this port to ship day and date. considering all the backlash Treyarch got from neoGAF alpha screens, this game deserves a buy to ones who knowing what to expect from the Wii. its not like Treyarch threw it all in a bag and said, "here yah go, wii."

btw. off topic but, i am also interested in nsmbwii.