CVG previews Splinter Cell: Conviction

Conviction is split into almost sixty 'episodes', each of which take around fifteen minutes to complete and is its own unique playground in which objectives can be tackled however you please. "People who only play a little will still see the story and the action progress," says Dany. "You can play for fifteen minutes and go off to eat or go out and still have a complete experience. In Chaos Theory you had to play for an hour to see that kind of progress."

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Dr Pepper4746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

Sounds like it will be another great Splinter Cell game. Every one was really good, except for DA, which was pretty good. I'm looking forward to this game the most during the fall season, since it is my favorite series and type of game (stealth).

TheXgamerLive4746d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

Using the crowds, seems this will become more and more popular as time goes forward.

I look forward to this game, as I love all from the Splinter Cell series. A.C. too.