Final Fantasy XIII's FFXIV Bonus Item Revealed (Somewhat)

Andriasang writes: "This past week, Weekly Shounen Jump provided first word on a Final Fantasy XIII bonus item. The magazine reported that Square Enix would be packing a Final Fantasy XIV campaign code with the first print run of FFXIII."

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WildArmed3727d ago

ah. Well thats kinda lame.. unless FFXIV IS hitting in early '10.. giving out bonus codes for a game coming in '11/'12 is bullsh!t

Lucreto3727d ago

They did say the game will be out at some point in 2010.

Omega Zues3727d ago

"Strangely, the magazine makes a point of noting that the campaign is Japan-only"

Nothing stange about that.

But last I heard FFXIV was due mid 2010 but this is SE so lord only knows what will happen next...


So we are looking at 2011 release in Europe?

Redempteur3726d ago

let's wait for the annoncement on the eur blog tomorrow

Crystallis3727d ago

Didnt SE say Spring 2010 release fro FFXIV?

meepmoopmeep3727d ago

wow, releasing both XIII & XIV in the same timeframe?

Lionsguard3727d ago

spring 2010 for FF13 only, they never said anything about XIV, only that it should be released sometime in 2010.