N4G to officially launch this fall - We need your feedback (Repost)

Our goal is to have N4G out of Beta this fall, and we want to hear your ideas and suggestion on how we can make the site better.

We also have a few ideas for new site features that we would like some feedback on. There seem to be many different opinions about what N4G should be (or not be). So we will try to add more personalization options to the site, so that each member can create an experience which suits their own needs.

BS Filter
Some members complain about that there are too many rumours and useless Vs articles posted on the site. We also have a group of people who can’t get enough of them. So what do we do? The solution we have come up with is to have a BS Filter on the site, that each member can adjust to their own liking. Set the filter to High and you will never have to read another forum rumour or see another Halo 3 Vs Resistance: Fall of Man screenshot comparison ever again. Set the filter to low and you will only get rumours and Vs type articles from respected sites such as IGN, Gamespot, CVG and so on. Or you can turn it off, which should give a similar experience to what you have today.

Dev Interviews
We are working on a system where developers can be interviewed by the N4G community. The basic idea is that developers sign up for a special dev account. Then you guys can submit questions to interviews which the devs themselves have set up. Then they answer the best questions and a complete interview is generated and automatically published on the site.

Social Networking
Not that we have any intention of becoming Facebook for gamers, but we will study popular social networking sites to see which tools and features we can borrow to make the member section more interesting.

Group Discussions
We might have finally found a solution to a perfect comment system. Some of you want a strictly moderated comment section, while others thinks its more fun when people are allowed to say whatever they want. The solution? Create a comment section with your own rules.

All members will be able to create Groups/Clubs (or whatever we decide to call it). Some groups will be small, other will grow big with hundreds or thousands of members.

For example. If you are a big fan of Halo you can create a group called “Halo Gamers”. Now you can decide the rules for the group, and one rule could be that you must love the Halo series to join the group. So if you want to comment on a news post about Halo 3, you can either do so in the open group, which is open for everybody, or you can start a thread for “Halo Gamers” where you can discuss the news in peace with other Halo fans.

So a news post might have several different Groups discussing it. Each group providing its own collective perspective. All visitors and members can view all the different discussions, and you can make guest posts in groups that you are not a member of yet. However, if you break their rules, they will probably have you banned from their group for good. You can also be a member of as many groups as you like.

This might sound complicated, but we have ideas for an interface which will make it easy to follow all the different discussions.

If you have any ideas for new site features, or suggestions on the features mention above, we want to hear them now. Please post your feedback in the comment section below.

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gta_cb4571d ago

yeh this is going to be good.

Zaskark24571d ago

Not any problems from me this site is going to kick A$$

calderra4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

BS filter = rox.
Only problem with the BS filter is that it might lower the number of fresh articles below a level that would keep me coming back as much as I do, as at least the filler material is fun to laugh at when I click on it thinking it's real news. But counter that with the dev interviews idea, and it might work out.

This is a pretty awesome site for a beta. It just needs some time to build to when it might attract exclusive news (dev interviews are a great tool for this) so it's more than what it is now- which truth be told is just Digg for gaming.

Also: All articles posted by the Sony Protection Group need a BS tag.

ElementX4571d ago

Make it a pay site to keep all the minors out of here.

Numark4571d ago

Just people who are annoying and don't know what they are talking about. For example you. You just made an ignorant remark, sounded incredibly dumb in the process, and just mirrored the image of a fanboy minor. Well done to you.

My suggestion is to start IP banning people that the community simply does not like. I think once you have one bubble for so long and can't add some more bubbles, you should be banned from the site (because apparently you make dumb remarks and not well liked)

ElementX4571d ago

Guess people didn't like that idea.

mang4571d ago

lol you got that right.

wolfgang4571d ago

Asking a fee would keep many minors out, but would also exclude a lot of mature gamer not willing to pey for something they can get for free elsewhere.

+ Show (3) more repliesLast reply 4416d ago
Covenant4571d ago

For stupid flamebaiting fanboys.

Covenant4571d ago

Also: Make it possible for posters to be silenced by being reduced to zero bubbles. That would keep some of the fanboys quiet.

One problem with that, tho: Some people hold pretty deep grudges against some posters...they might deliberately reduce bubbles in order to eliminate someone's commenting ability, even when that person makes a valid point.

I mean, how many of you would try to silence TheMart even if he made a valid comment? Let's be honest here.

Some kind of moderation may be needed.