Saved Memory! #1: The Arcade Days

Go! Gaming Giant Writer Leon Thomas takes us back to the days of the arcade in a new feature, in which he will be doing the same for a variety of other topics in gaming. In this article, find the reasons the public shows such affection for the arcades in their time, and why gaming so swiftly evolved beyond arcades when it did.

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omicron0094774d ago

great article man. I used to love playing street fighter 2 in the arcade back in the day

darthv724774d ago

loved the full cabinet games like gloc, virtua racing, daytona, radmobile and others that put you behind the wheel/flight stick/etc. I think my most favorite to this day still has to be galaxy force with the full tilt/swivel base.

Arcades are still around just not at the local mall like they used to be. Now I have to go to santa cruz or reno or someplace that has the capacity to house such grand entertainment boxes of old.

LukeA4774d ago

I remember blasting through my entire weeks allowance at the arcades in an hour. Those were the days..

Kamikaze84774d ago

Still run into some good arcades when I go on vacation, otherwise theyre pretty hard to come across, kinda sucks.

Murgatroyd74774d ago

I really miss the reign of arcade games. When I was a kid, I used to go to the Boys & Girls Club across the street from my elementary school because they had several arcade games, which they would rig with hundreds of free credits. I used to spend hours playing Gauntlet and WWF Superstars. Le sigh, those were the days...

neogeo4742d ago

Modern gaming has made life more lonely.
I used to go meet tons of friends at the Arcade and even girls. YES real girls not geeks. I miss that life so much. Its just not the same now.

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