Dead 8800 GTX scienced to undeath by oven, mad owner

The tale of one man's journey to revive his dead GeForce 8800 GTX using panic, happy thoughts, and an oven pre-heated to 385°F.

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UPSLynx3726d ago

I can seriously think of fewer more awkward feeling things than when I put my graphics card into the oven. It was tense, odd, and concerning.

Be prepared for the smell though. Remember when you tried to make creepy crawlers as a kid but burned them? very similar...

Nihilism3726d ago

that's awesome, i still don't think i would have the balls to try it...

zerocrossing3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

this is the [email protected] they dont teach you in school =D now remmember kiddies if your graphics card dies on you at school just ask your home-ec teacher if you can pop it in the oven for lets say about 10 mins, lol ok seriously DONT'T even think of attempting this unless your atleast mildly skilled at IT, or atleast can bake a decent cacke.

Modestmex3726d ago

I'm gonna try this with my old 8800gtx r.i.p. Besides i got nothing to lose.

Taco_Waffle3726d ago

I have a dead card and now I think it's oven time.

badz1493725d ago

looking forward for the result!

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The story is too old to be commented.