Microsoft's XBox secret: failure rates?

Extremely high failure rates are being suggested for the XBox 360. Last week 360 Gamer reported over 4,469 XBox owners responded to their online survey - and over 62.5% of them have now reported a defective XBox. Over 22% even reported that they'd had more than one console fail on them.

The survey is unscientific, since angry XBox owners would be more motivated to respond than satisfied owners. (And it's first question is "How many 360s have you had die on you" - which could be said to introduce a bias.) But there have already been anecdotal reports of customers who received a series of defective units. In February the San Jose Mercury News reported on a true XBox fan who went through seven units.

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BIadestarX4184d ago

I guess xbox 360 failure rates is a hot topic... this is the 3rd one today alone...

mmm.. I feel it's a great idea if someone makes an article to talk about the rate of articles posted by fanboys about the failure rates.

ITR4184d ago


Thats why I say we need moderators.

uxo224184d ago

The only way to truly tell the failure rate of the 360 is by tracking them by serial numbers. And I'm sure M$ is the only entity with that information. If I send in my XBOX for repairs and get a refurb unit back and two months later, the refurb breaks, I really could only say I had one xbox break on me. Since the refurb was already counted as a broken unit. Now consider this on a large scale and you can see how the numbers can get skewed pretty quickly.

Unless the research can produce broken xboxes by serial numbers, their numbers would be inflated or just pure wrong.

WafflesID4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

Where exactly was this "survey" taken? In the middle of a forum thread for broken 360s? How do we know this isn't something like taking a presidential election poll inside the DNC? :)

And really, does anyone who has a perfectly working 360 take time to do these surveys?

I've never ONCE noticed a survey like this where I could go and say mine has been working fine.

How can you possibly trust these surveys?

When I was moderating for eVGA's forums all we had to deal with were problems...People just don't go to the forums to report that everything is working perfectly.

I'm not denying that the 360 has some issues, far from it. But we just don't know what the true numbers are.

WafflesID4184d ago

besides, if the 360 has sold 9.8 million units, then 10% of that is 980,000. Ok, so 980,000 pissed off people out there out of 9,800,000? *shrug*

Seems like a lot but I guess those are typical with any equipment like this. I dunno.

dantesparda4184d ago

Yo guys, this is serious, i had mine break on me this Wednesday night and now i am screwed, cuz i am out of warranty (i bought mine on launch day Nov 22nd, 05 and had that one break on me about 80 something days, and now had my 2nd one break within a year and 3 months) so i am 3 months out of the warranty, and now i am forced to pay $70 to MS (cuz the supervisor lowered down to half from $139, t6hat was their best offer, and it was obviously some Indian guy [no that there is anything wrong with that, but i would have preferred some American guy]). i WAS TALKING TO MY FRIEND WHO IS ON HIS SECOND UNIT AND HE WAS TELLING ME HOW HE KNOWS 3 OTHER GUYS (FRIENDS OF HIS) THAT ON ON THEIR 2ND systems too and 2 of them just happened recently too (sorry about the caps). Plus not to mention all the guys on my friends list that have sent out messages to all of us saying how their systems broke down and are not going to be on for some time (on Live) because of it. This is serious, this is not no Sony fanboy sh!t/propoganda. Please guys take your heads out of MS's @ss and see what is going on here, this is serious. But i bet you's that it is only a matter of time before it happens to you's (your system will be out of all your warranties and you will have to pay) then you will see what it feels like to pay $400 plus tax for a system that only really lasted me a year and a half between two systems. This is not acceptable! and we should be demanding better, and not doubting that this is a serious problem

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power of Green 4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

Its the only tool Sony fanboys have with any weight behind it. 360 has or had abnormal problems but all of your logics moronic at best. lol

I know who Razzy & drtysouf21 and they are Sony fanatics no 360 fan will repeatedly post defect rate news post they're too busy venting on Xbox forums or trying to get the console to work(1-800 Xbox) its not something that a normal people would do, trust me if you people had a defective PS3 none of you would be posting news about defective PS3's a few vocal angry type of people might post this being a loyal PS3 fan but most would not and if the 360 fans were the same as PS3 fans the only defect rate news that would be posted would be by rabid 360 fans.

Tut4184d ago

Not to be rude, but I find it sad that you see it only as a ploy for fanboyism. Everyone knows that Microsoft's Xbox series of consoles has a very high rate for failure/complications when compared to the rest of the brands' products in the same area. I am not saying the majority of them break, but a good amount do and it is actually a really bad thing. Most people won't make an investment unless it is stable, and this shows instability.

If people don't want this addressed and promptly fixed then I have no clue what is going through their mind. I don't see how Microsoft and the Xbox brand could hurt from even trying to fix the high defect rate with their consoles. It's a no-brainer you could say.

duckman24704184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

Well Im not a sony fanboy, infact I USED TO BE A MS Fanboy, Yup you heard me right, I started out as a Beta Tester for the original Xbox Live service and when that was over I became a Loyal MS customer. I also had 360 on launch day which died after 13 months due to the famous 3ROL GPU issue, My second store bought 360 only lasted a few months and died from the same exact 3ROL GPU issue. All MS wanted was $140 for repairs and informed me that because I refused to renew my Gold (which was about to expire within days) after 120 days of inactivity on my XBL account that it would be automatically deleted from there system. (this means that my gamertag will no longer exist which means all the XBL content, games etc.. that i bought would be lost as well) Her advice was to either pay for repairs or buy a new elite or i would lose everything. This to me is blackmail, I ended up selling what i had and will never buy another MS gaming system again.
The fact is the 360 is doomed, More and more people are jumping ship and you cant blame them. The 360 is a total lemon and all MS cares about is taking peoples money for repairs. If you have a 360 get out while you can, If you don't have a 360 yet don't even consider buying one. This advice is coming from someone who has been with XBL since the beginning not some sony fanboy so stick that in your pipe and smoke it POG.

Added 7:18PM --> MONCHICHI025 said"Your fanboy lies are so obvious you make me die laughing!!! LMAO"
Really, Its funny how the truth scares you and i really don't need to prove who I am However just to show people how Pathetic and Biased some MS Fanboys like yourself can be, My XBL Screen Name is SECRETzSQUIRREL and i have close to 100 friends on my XBL list that will verify everything i said to be true. Check my profile on here for the Link to my XBL posts & GamerTag,gamerscore etc. Take note on the dates and you will see that myself and others not only found what was causing the problem way back in Dec06 but also warned of the outcome. This is no joke and is not a attempt to scare anyone into buying any other system, Sadly its the truth and just a heads-up.
Buyer Beware.

Bill Gates4184d ago

Someone please give this man a round of applause for he has finally seen the light.

Monchichi0254184d ago

Your fanboy lies are so obvious you make me die laughing!!! LMAO

Getting desperate now when you trying to pull some scare tactics. Just face the facts and realize the 360 has already beat the PS3 no matter what sad little girls like you try to do.

gta_cb4184d ago

hey, havnt seen you post in here for AGES... how come?

Tut4184d ago

I gots me a woman haha. I haven't had much to say either. =(

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Violater4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

its a break from the MGS4 on 360 articles how many of those do we see?
And wait if you think people on N4G are full of it

Player2 says: [reply to this comment]


"Yeah, I shouldn't be on my third system, but it takes me a total of two hours to go from a RROD to a new system. Get a product replacement plan that you can swap out in-store. It makes these problems much easier to deal with."

Really it's reasoning, accepting, supporting like that will ensure that the people making the products will have no incentive to make a better product.

Deafman4204184d ago

stop calling out the people who criticize the xbox 360's failure rate as "Fanboys"? I myself stopped buying games and consoles during ps1 era and just settled with playing a friends or family's system. Xbox 1 brought me back to owning a gaming system just simply cuz of new games and online. Now im on my 6th 360. I think its time we had this conversation without being called a fanboy. I for one am starting to worry about the next xbox. Sony's PS3 is an overpriced piece of sh*t. Microsoft's xbox is like a godsend after being stuck with nintendo and sony. But then the damn thing breaks every 6 months. And on top of that we get someone elses "used" system when we send in a brand new f*cked up xbox 360 for repair.

nobizlikesnowbiz4184d ago

Dude thats insane if your telling the truth. I've got a launch 360 and have never had a problem. None of my friends or anyone I know personally has ever had a problem with their 360. Maybe it's regional. But one things for sure, if you really went through 5 360's, you have to be doing something wrong man. I mean do you play your 360 inside your oven?

snoop_dizzle4184d ago

neither have any of my friends, and i played oblivion all night sometimes, and nothing happened.

Again, i hate to repeat my self but it could be regional.

Kleptic4184d ago

"Now im on my 6th 360."

later you added...

"Sony's PS3 is an overpriced piece of sh*t."

That is worth repeating in case anyone overlooked it...

dominusbellum4184d ago

yeah i'm 99% positive it is regional b/c same here i have me and about 7 friends of mine and about 2 aquinatnces who all have 360's and none of us have had a single problem although one of my frinds flipped out cuz he thought he had the rings but it turned out his av plug wasn't in all the way he's kinda crazy so he kinda flipped out so i couldn't stop laughing, then i took a look at it and saw what was wrong and he was much better lol

reaperxciv4184d ago

the mfg date on my 360 is march 19, 2006, the only problem i get with it is when the AV cable isn't plugged in properly. I make sure that there is a lot of space for ventilation, & that i don't drop the console or pour beer on it.

nobizlikesnowbiz4184d ago

Yea I had that AV cable ring one time, I freaked too. But then I realized it was a full-circle and couldn't be the ring-o-doom.

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SKullDugger4184d ago

I wonder if there is a hate factor in all this failure rate talk, because the 360 is succesful and the PS3 is not doing so well.

Weed4184d ago

I think there is a slight hate factor involved as some people will use it as a scapegoat to just flame the 360, But I think its a genuine problem that needs to be address and not ignored.(Please correct if i'm wrong if MS is currently working on the problem) This is also the only thing holding me back from getting a 360, I just don't feel like submitting to a towel technique or having to trade in Xbox after Xbox as some have had to do. The fear of having a warranty expire then having my 360 die is there too. I think the system is great and would love to own it, I just don't think the system is worth the potential trouble at the time, I'll wait for the problem to be corrected before I buy one.