G4TV: Dragon Ball: Raging Blast Review

If you're on the outside of the Dragon Ball phenomenon looking in, the whole argument may seem like a moot point. It may be well-made to its particular standards, but from a distance, this is a fighter so hyperactive that the camera sometimes can't keep up, with a crude, cartoony visual style that's enough to make a sensitive viewer's eyes bleed.

For fans of the series, though, that's a feature, not a bug. The crazy high-speed dashing, the overblown cinematic super attacks, and the ridiculous day-glo spiky hairdos are all critical parts of the Dragon Ball experience. Take them away and you might get a better game, but it wouldn't be a better game of Dragon Ball.

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Shendow3726d ago

This person suck, I would give it a 4, it was a hell alot better then Burst Limit but the only thing better about this one is the gameplay style and new modes.