Bioshock Could Be Headed To PS3

According to the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Bioshock is in development for the Sony PlayStation 3 console.

The magazine states many times that the game is in development even though the thought up until now was that the game is going to be an exclusive for the Xbox 360 console.

The magazine mentions that the exclusivity of Bioshock is only a timed-exclusive for Microsoft. This means that the game will be an exclusive on the Xbox 360 but for just a short period of time. It will then be released by 2K Games on all next-generation consoles, meaning the PS3.

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Xeoset4745d ago

Does it matter? It's hardly a credible source.

I'm going to make a blog on the Xbox 360 and state I know SquareEnix are solely developing for the Xbox 360 and that the PS3 just lost FFXIII and then see how far it gets, because, you know, I'm as credible as OPM!

Xbot_Killer4744d ago

can we say the same when xbots start doing a circle jerk everytime some nimrod mentions another OMGMGS4360 rumor??

power of Green 4745d ago

PlayStation Magazine Says something like this about once a month.

fenderputty4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

Both articles are lame until a dev says otherwise.

BIadestarX4745d ago

Time exclusive is fair enough. Xbox 360 owners don't mind sharing a game after they already play the heck out of it. Obvlibion being ported to the PS3 didn't hurt the xbox 360 nor the gamers... share away... sharing is good!

Arkham4745d ago

Agreed. It worked for the GTA series when they finally came to the Xbox, and it will only serve to expand the popularity of good-to-great games. It's healthy for the industry.

It'd like to see more timed-exclusives on all consoles rather than third-party exclusives. Let's keep the exclusives to the first- and second-parties.

Kleptic4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

Totally agree...Bioshock is definitely one I want to play, but would happily wait for with all the other games coming out this fall...I would easily trade MGS4 as a timed exclusive (which I would bet money on regardless) for this...

Oblivion is a great example of how great it is when this works too...It came out later on the ps3, but didn't suck crap out of bethesda's wrong was equally as great as the pc/360 version, which was great for guys like me that hadn't played it yet...FEAR failed all over the place on the ps3, but anyone that hadn't played that 2005 game by now probably wouldn't anyway...

dominusbellum4744d ago

how all the people who agree with you actually comment and all the people who disagree don't and just sit there and cower pretty sad

Devilbringer4744d ago

Oblivion was not excluesive to 360 it was all multiplattfrom. so 360 didnt share anything

bung tickler4744d ago

yes i agree as well even if it was straight up multi platform from launch i wouldnt care. i dont get why some fanboys get thier panties in a bunch when a game goes multi platform... maybe its cuz they spent $200 more for thier system, i dont know.

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CaliGamer4745d ago

Then MGS could also be released on the 360 later and everyone will be happy. Sharing is good, the first time bladestar has said anything I remotely agree with and that seems well thought out. Kudos to you sir.

Bill Gates4745d ago

It's not "could be", but it "WILL be". suckassssssssss!!