Holy Xbox, Batman!

The Bible is coming to the Xbox 360. No joke. B&H Publishing Group is bringing Bible Navigator X (I'm assuming X stands for extreme) to the Xbox 360 console via the Indie Games Channel. Bible Navigator X, which will cost gamers 400 MS Points, will contain the Old Testament, New Testament, a search tool, bookmarking feature and adjustable settings.

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lociefer3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

................ , !

UnSelf3721d ago

Let he who is without sin, pay $50 a year

Chubear3721d ago

Uhm, something on the 360 that I like. That's rare for me :)

Lifendz3721d ago

or the RROD shall smote you into.....okay I'll stop.

Hey, I think this is pretty cool. Get some other bibles up there in addition to the Judeo Christian version. How awesome would it be if a substantial number of gamers could speak intelligently about the differences between the Christian Bible and the book of Buddha, and then go right into the best strategy in Gears. Might even make some people a bit more mature....though I doubt those people would be interested.

slayorofgods3721d ago

If Christianity is your thing then fine. But why does it belong on a gaming console?

No offense, but some people don't like having bibles thrown in their face.

LtSkittles3721d ago

Jesus was a zombie, therefore Jesus>Master Chief

Darkstorn3721d ago

Have fun buying your Bibles, religious people! I'm pretty sure you can get them for free from any crazed sidewalk preacher.

HolyOrangeCows3721d ago

One panel in the indies section is having it "thrown into your face"?

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3721d ago

This is very cool, I'm looking forward to it.

Sitdown3721d ago

Are you suggesting you have to be a religious person in order to purchase a bible?

Anyhoo, this is great news....Pretty sure I will not be buying this since I have better options around, but this is great news none the less...Microsoft should just add integration for

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ghamdikh23721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )


Bereaver3721d ago

Sad how they're trying to make money from every audience.

WenisWagon3721d ago

So you think you can just walk into a store and steal bibles?

sakura20093721d ago

hopefullys its an interactive story like lights end

Briefcase Joe3721d ago


IaMs123721d ago

hope you disagreers know that its true, just like our soldiers sacrifice their lifes for us overseas he sacrificed his life for us, but the whole world.

Pandamobile3721d ago

Who is this 'Jesus' fellow? Some kind of carpenter?

Chubear3721d ago

Actually yes but that's not the spoiler. It's - He arose from the dead, went into hell, kick satan's arse in his own house to show his fellowers who's their daddy and went back to heaven to chill out on his throne next to his Father.

... Jesus was a badass. :D

dirthurts3721d ago

Only Jesus can kick a*s without sinning.
My personal hero.

003721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

I don't no man.

slayorofgods3721d ago

Ahh, you just ruined the whole story. Now its not even worth reading this book.

V ii T aL3721d ago

OMG!!!! Hahah. im a christain and i thought tht was hilarious but a lot of ppl are proly gonna get mad at u hahahahahhaa

BX813721d ago

LOL!!! Not many comments make me let out a weird sound after reading them but for your comment I had too.

NMC20073721d ago

Something else happened, the bible didn't cover this part.

Arnon3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

possibly the best thing ever seen on the internet.

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Dutch Boogie3721d ago

Meh they shouldn't associate anything holy with such unreliable blasphemy.

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