[email protected] breaks the 1000 TFLOP Mark

As can been seen in the link below, the [email protected] project has finally broken the 1000 TFLOP mark, with a huge help from the PS3's and their owners. At the time of writing, the PS3 was responsible for just over 7/10ths (700 TFLOPS) of the processing power supplied.

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BubblesDAVERAGE4746d ago

The power of the might Ps3 showing its ugly head.

Raiyel4746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

I'm probably risking some bubbles here but let's think of the greater good...

Now that the PS3 has contributed a handful of work units and established it as a serious player in the [email protected] project, what's next?

I propose this... Let's take the PS3 and see if we can make it the #1 folding team in the world! We all know KOTAKU, well I'm on their team and so far we are doing very well, out of 68,000+ teams we are number 175 in the world... If we all join up for the greater good (whether you like kotaku or not) we can potentially bring this up by the end of june to be the number 1 team!!

Imagine that, the PS3 would become the fastest growing and most influential networked supercomputer folding more than any other machine in less than a year!

Why not? It's for a good cause, and let's make another headline in the folding world!

Name: Kotaku
Team ID: 57858

All in favor say Aye!!

gta_cb4745d ago

nice comment Raiyel, but there is already a PS3 team on number one. i dont think your going to get loads of people switching teams. also so you dont want PCs joining your team?.... ohwell spose it counts me out then as i dont own a PS3.

sonarus4746d ago

gud job guys. i knew you could do it.

Maddens Raiders4746d ago

awesome news, especially for the PS3's PSU quality and power, but isn't this kind of old already?

Bonsai12144746d ago

that ps3's are making up a minority of the folders, its quite an accomplishment and a testament to its power that its providing 7/10 of the processing power of the whole experiment..

granted, it does dedicate the cell to doing the work as opposed to using spare cycles, but there are so many more PCs folding than ps3s that it still make its wondrous.

wasn't distributed computing a goal for sony in the first place? like have cells not in use help with processing for other tasks? this is laying the groundwork for the future.

how we just need some games that'll use the amount of power available per each cell

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The story is too old to be commented.