Infinity Ward On What's Next After 'Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2'

In the last of lengthy series of "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" interview segments MTV talk's to Infinity Ward Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling, about what's next for Infinity Ward. Check out the interview clip below.

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ghamdikh24712d ago

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 EXCLUSIVELY ON PS3.

LtSkittles4712d ago

Yeah, ok. Keep dreaming.

LtSkittles4711d ago

Lol. I get disagrees for saying CoD won't be exclusive to PS3. N4G is sad.

MurderMyDoll4712d ago

It's impossible for them to ignore the success of MW2 and the demand for MW3, MW3 in 2011 for sure.

sunil4712d ago

2011... bobby wont let them sit on it for that long !
its coming out Nov 2010 :)

Saaking4711d ago

Well MW3 of course, followed by MW4 and 5. As long as Kotick is CEO, COD will continue being pumped out year after year.

deadreckoning6664711d ago (Edited 4711d ago )

This isn't a diss or a fanboy comment but I thk IWs next project may be a PS3 exclusive. Thk about it. How much more juice do ya thk they can squeeze out of the 360? With the exception of Guerilla Games, no one can touch IW as far as the best developers for shooters. If IW wants to compete with Killzone 3, I thk it may be best to use the Cell and the Cell only.

When Bad Company 2 comes out, EVERYONE will have to step up their game. For me Bad Company 2 will do for FPS what Uncharted 2 has done for TPSs.

Sarcasm4711d ago

MW3 confirmed!


Space Warfare if you're wondering what SW is lol

Disccordia4711d ago

@1.1: It's more likely that November 2010 will see a Treyarch release. Either World at War 2 or they go down the futuristic route. I guess we'll find out around March time.

sikbeta4711d ago

2010: Modern Warfare 1.6...oh sorry Modern Warfare 3
2011: Modern Warfare Hero

AAACE54711d ago

Nah, you know they gotta let Treyarch come out with WAW 2. All zombies, all the!

darkmurder4711d ago

Cha-ching of Dollars: Money Wanted

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life doomer4712d ago

milk it baby. milk it in my mouth *moans*

Psycho_Mantis4711d ago

Yup. Oh hell ya, milk that cash cow real good IW!

*Starts to smack the cash cows asscheeks*

Mmmmm....good milk....

tdogchristy904712d ago

I really do hope this game becomes reality. It would be great if they made a 3rd mw, made it a trilogy, then left it alone. For one I would hate to see them ruin such a great franchise by producing it WAY to much, secondly some of the greatest entertainment things have been trilogies, the original halos, lord of the rings, the matrix, ect. So a third and final mw would be really nice.

neonlight454712d ago

well if they can innovate in modern warfare 3, then why not.

evrfighter4711d ago

Why would it be innovative? Following the formula means going the madden approach and just updating perks.Cod is now just a casual fps that satisfies the pub scrubs.

Aclay4711d ago

"well if they can innovate in modern warfare 3, then why not."

To be honest, I don't think there's that much more innovation to be had in Modern Day Military shooters this gen. At the moment, I think there's a greater possibility for innovation in a Futuristic Call of Duty game that's set like 10 or 20 Years into the Future.

My idea for the next COD game would be: Call of Duty: World War 3 :)

Sure, there's no such thing as WW3, but Infinity Ward could create their own vision of WW3.

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