Video Game Reviews - Has Anyone Seen Anything FUN Yet?

"Video games reviews have been around a long time and I am surprised and frankly worried. Does anyone get it? When I read a review all I want to know is, is the game FUN! Isn't that why we play games? For FUN?"

Here are some examples,

" Video Games:
Lasting Appeal
More of the same. Seems graphics in the game world comes before fun."

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snoop_dizzle4184d ago

and really its not pointed at one company.

What about fun.

Years ago when i had a subscription to gamepro, there was always a fun factor rating. We need more of that.

Graphics are important, but at the end of the day, i want to have fun.

ItsDubC4184d ago

Totally agree. Back when I was an avid Gamepro reader, the Funfactor rating was the one to hold the most weight for me. I based a lot of wise game-buying decisions solely on that Funfactor rating. Nowadays, everyone is so obsessed w/ graphics and being "nextgen" (which is the most loaded and pointless buzzword ever), that I feel like funfactor is an afterthought.

The rise of fanboyism is an unfortunate side effect of the gaming audience moving more toward an appreciation for which console has the most powerful hardware rather than which console provides the most fun games. It's just STUPID how funfactor isn't even mentioned anymore in game discussions on sites such as n4g.

Now it's all about graphics, which is why news stories that compare the graphics of a PS3 version of a game to a 360 version are so popular on this site. It's also why many ppl on this site are so close-mindedly graphics-oriented that they could never even fathom the POSSIBILITY that a Wii version of a game using new controls might be better than a PS3/360 version of that same game. Hell, it's even why this news story even exists.

InMyOpinion4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

Fun is what keeps you coming back to the game, not graphics.

See my avatar? In those days it was all about fun, the golden age of gaming lol!

snoop_dizzle4184d ago

don't get me wrong i like good graphics, its necessary in many games to day, but some developers go overboard with that and not gameplay.

It needs to be balanced.

MK_Red4184d ago

I dont agree with the article. Games are MUCH MORE than fun. Games are ART.

snoop_dizzle4184d ago

but i think the article was pointing more toward reviewers not having a fun score.

Games are much more than fun, but don't you think its the reviewers responsibility to have a fun score?

PS360WII4184d ago

'I'm the one who's right' people we can never really have that fun factor thing. It's not objective you can't clearly see if it is or not. Look at game reviews now.. if it's a somewhat talked about game and people want to know that it's good. Suddenly they read in a mag that the score was only 7/10 well the mag/reviewer gets so much hate mail about how dare he give this game an 7 when clearly it deserves an 11...
I would like a fun factor but not sure if magazine editors want one anymore

SmokeyMcBear4184d ago

wait games are supposed to be fun? Thats why im digging games like calling all cars, insanely fun and fast paced, no to much on the graphics or technical stuff, fun fun fun.

VirtualGamer4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

Reviews are more then just the score for each category. Reviewers give their personal impressions on if the game is fun or not. While it might not have its own category of ratings it certainly a factor in the review.

Here is IGN's review on Calling All Cars.

"Until now, that is. Calling All Cars is Sony's first truly original, must-have title on the PlayStation Network, and it bests just about everything there is to be found on Microsoft's online arcade center. The game is just about as fun as any downloadable game could hope to be and while it isn't perfect, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better party game anytime soon on any system."

Then in the rating section.

Gameplay 8.5
Extremely fun and chaotic, the multiplayer is nearly perfect aside from the small map selection. Single-player is quite flawed, however.

Notice the guy said the game was fun to play in the long wordy review and then again in summation in the gameplay rating. Gameplay takes in to context alot of different factors including if the game is fun.

So really I don't think this is a big a issue as the person is making it out to be.

snoop_dizzle4184d ago

but i think there needs to be more emphasis on the fun factor along with sound design(in which i disagree with the writer of this article as well, he wasn't big on sound design.)

But all in all, we need more emphasis on fun. You can see the opposite many times when most people just talk about graphics.

While they are important, lets not forget what games are all about.

VirtualGamer4184d ago

Most people(gamers)talk about graphics but that has nothing to do with the review process. That's more an issue on what gamers focus on. Please don't get the 2 mixed up.

Game reviews I find cover many different aspects of a games make up and hence why they have categories. In IGN's case they are Presentation, Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, and Lasting Appeal. Do you think that just by them adding a fun category that this would suddenly change gamers focus away from graphics? Funny the other current categories don't seem to do it. Perhaps the reason that people focus on graphics when following a game in development is thats all they can see and discuss because all you get is screenshots and video of the game? Pretty hard to discuss how fun the game is to play when no one has played it yet, but boy we can sure talk about the graphics and make comparisons to other simlar games and its graphics.

When I read a game review I am looking at the impression the reviewer has of the game and that includes did he find the game enjoyable,fun, or addictive to play. Not just how great the graphics are and I would guess most other gamers would be the same. A great example of this was Genji: Days of the Blade Graphically is scored well as did it for sound and presentation. It was the gameplay that killed it and ultimately gave it its low score.

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