This Week in PlayStation Home: Assassin's Creed, Final Fantasy XIII, Fullmetal Alchemist and A&E's Lawman

PSblog: Greetings Homelings!

We have a ton of cool stuff coming at you for this week's publish in PlayStation Home. This week is particularly heavy on free video content – from exclusive video pulled from some of the most highly anticipated game titles, to brand-spanking new TV shows being aired in-world before they find their way to cable, to full-length episodes of some of your favorite programs. What they say is true – there is no place like PlayStation Home!

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meepmoopmeep3721d ago

wow, never-before-seen video of FFXIII on the screens? cool, i'll log into Home to check it out.

awesome how it has a theater to watch streaming stuff

Lucreto3721d ago

Can't wait for the FF XIII trailer and other news.

Is it just me or is the FF news very PS3 oriented Home, the blog etc?

Sangria3721d ago

I hope the "awesome Final Fantasy XIII news" on the European Playstation blog won't be a Home space or Home furnitures.

Bloodshoteyz3721d ago

This has anything to do with Square Enix and there "BIG" announcement about an announcement come Friday. I am so looking forward to the latest installment of FF :D.