Xbox 360 Wireless N Adapter. Do You Need It? What are the Alternatives?

From Atlanta Video Game News Examiner:

"At a MSRP of $99.99, Microsoft's Xbox 360 wireless adapter has been a tough sell since the launch of the console back in 2005. Originally supporting the wireless "A", "B", and "G" protocols, the Xbox 360 wireless adapter performed well and blended in nicely with the Xbox 360 but was criticized as being over-priced in comparison to other USB wireless adapters. This week though, Microsoft added another letter in their wireless alphabet soup by releasing the Wireless N Adapter.

Wireless N (802.11n) supports speeds up to 160mb/s and a much greater range than previous wireless protocols. The question is, do you need it for your Xbox 360? Let's ask a few question to find out and then see if we can find some cheaper alternatives."

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ghamdikh24712d ago

CORRECTION:XboT 360 . Do You Need It? NO

What are the Alternatives? PS3

maskedwarrior4712d ago

WiFi should have came with the 360 in the first place.

D4RkNIKON4712d ago

But it doesn't so yeah.. $100 does the trick. $80 for Natal but it is ok, it includes 14 mini games not unlike wii sports. Casual gaming at a price every one could afford?

Midgard2284711d ago

alternative? buy a ps3 and save 50$ a year on playing online and save 100$ on wifi, makes sense to me

Queasy4711d ago

Wireless N isn't available for the PS3 either.

And if you're paying $50 for Live, you're looking in the wrong place. I can get it for $30-$40 pretty regularly.