Is Linux going to sink the PS3? reports:

"A German company called Helios thinks so. It just released a customized PS3 version of Linux that is powerful enough to run the Helios UB enterprise server, formerly reserved for the likes of the IBM Blade Server and Xserve. It achieved this feat using a stripped-down version of Yellow Dog Linux that provides extremely low overhead while still offering things like Java 1.5 and enhanced AppleTalk.

So you can now pick up an enterprise server for cheap which is great news for small enterprises (is there even such a thing?) but not good news for Sony.

Remember Sony are making quite a considerable loss on every console sold which is perfectly normal as these companies make their money back from the sales of games. But if the PS3 is being used as a server I somehow don't expect the companies to be purchasing that many games."

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DrWan4573d ago

I don't think this will be a big issue, because the PS3 will eventually turn a profit hardware wise when it is cheap enough. That's when alot of it will be adopted as servers anyways; the company still makes money.

As for attach-rate, game publishers do not just look at "raw numbers", they have target customers and past attach rate, so it won't be that big of a confusion to publishers. They only have to look at the attach rate of the last popular game within the similar genre to predict their own attach rate anyways, and a few servers aren't going to throw their numbers off that much.

BIadestarX4573d ago

Let's hope this does not backfire and blow on Sony's face. It would kind of suck if companies start building their networks at Sony's expense. I guess... now Sony will realised why Microsoft does not want to make the 360 a PC... They can only make money by selling games. It's not on their best interest for microsoft or Sony for people to use their console as a PC and not buy games. But.. ohh well.. maybe Sony see something that we don't see. Maybe they are planning to compete against in the networking, Servers, etc with the big dogs... IBM, DELL, ....

Arkham4573d ago

One thing to keep in mind is that the more units they sell, the larger the install base. The larger the install base, the more attention garnered from game developers.

It's not all doom & gloom.

BIadestarX4573d ago

Ofcourse... Why do you think Sony added blu-ray to the PS3? What the industry see is how many blu-ray players are sold.. regarless of how many buy the PS3 for games and not for movies... Sony is smart... One can no longer tell who buy the PS3 for games, for movies and now to use as a server. This may mislead the developers into making games for the PS3 at least for the first time. But once their game attach rate at 0.05 it will not matter if Sony sold 70,000,000 consoles... They will think hard before making the next game for the PS3 let alone make it exclusive. Other developers will be smart and simply look at the attach rate for games made by other developers and not be stupid enough to make the games for the PS3 knowing that they will not sell.
Take the PS2 for example, what's the installbase? What's attach rate?

weekapaugh4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

I think its highly unlikely that small companies en-mass will be using the PS3 as an enterprise server.

Armyless4573d ago

The Linux bandwagon keeps gaining momentum... let's see where it leads.

kewlkat0074573d ago

has a Super computer type chip , so who really knows what peoploe might use it as. If it can be a cheap linux box and be efficient, then there are always Users/Gamers willing to mess around and do the unthinkable.

I'm sure this Server OS would be a great start. Especially when more linux geek/gurus hear about this. It's a good thing sadaam is no longer alive, imagine what he could of done with the PS3 by the thousands. Didn't he have a thing for the EMO ENGINE?

nobizlikesnowbiz4573d ago

I doubt Sony actually wants companies to do this. They will def lose money if this continues.

Sony is sinking the PS3, not Linux.

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The story is too old to be commented.