New Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Trailer

IGN last night put up a new trailer for Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles.

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TheDuke774162d ago

would have made this like RE4 instead of this lazy on rails crap I would be very very excited about this game, as it stands though I'll never play it.

PS360WII4162d ago

It's not really being lazy. They are doing something different. While granted it is in no way anything like previous RE's it's still nice to try something different. I do enjoy House of the Dead games so this mix should be pretty fun. Plus it's more story about Resident Evil! Who doesn't want more info?

Eclipticus4162d ago

so is this basically. the whole story up to resident evil 3?
on rails? if it is its kind of a nice way to get the whole story....

ITR4162d ago

I think it has parts from Zero, 1, 2, 3, and some parts leading into 4.

Basically the game is suppose to give closure to most all of those games.

Either way the game looks awesome. The more I see it the more I want it.

I never liked RE until it got to RE 4.

eclipsegryph4162d ago

I love these types of games. I love Resident Evil. So I'm guessing that I'll love this game. :) What I would love more is having some sort of gun shell for the Wiimote.

And I don't understand how someone can claim a guided shooter to be "lazy". These are some of the best arcade games around, and CAPCOM is famous for making shooter arcade games. The Wii is the perfect kind of console for this kind of game, and I hope that more quality guided shooters pop up in the future.

ITR4161d ago

From what I understand..even though your guided you will stop and certain areas where you can look around. From what I can tell you can look left/right/behind you.

And pretty much anything is shootable.

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