Infinity Ward Not Expecting High MW2 Sales On PS3?

"With online multiplayer being the main reason everyone is buying Modern Warfare 2, I find it odd that the servers on the Playstation 3 version failed to meet demand. Inifinity Ward already expected this game to be the 'highest selling game of all time', so you would have to think they expected a lot of gamers, 360 and PS3, to purchase their game and play online."

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ghamdikh23724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )


rukia_chan3724d ago

dont forget killzone 2 too!

YungXclusive2K93724d ago

according to vg chartz the game fuking sold very well on ps3 dispite the many exclusives we received im surprised 360 didn't outsell the ps3 version more

edgeofblade3724d ago

That's interesting...

You type in all caps until you get to the names of the games. Hope the paycheck is worth it, shill.

CryWolf3724d ago

I care about multiplatform games and yes i own a PS3 also, i like playing Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 1 so what are you talking about.

deadreckoning6663724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )


U say that but Modern Warfare 2 ill be the best selling game on the PS3 anyways. I suggest backing ur words up with fact in the future. I'll send u the article with PS3 sales for the week when they pop up.

4point7BillionLoss3724d ago

don't buy any games ... because they're so poor after buying glorified blue ray players with amazing Folding @ home that they spend the rest of their lives saving for one game a year.


Cletus3724d ago

Iz don think dat you shud sa thing like demon:s sole. My ma whupt me for sayn fiddle sticks wun time.

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Bumpmapping3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Bu bu but PS3 owners don't buy gamez!

ghamdikh23724d ago


squadass993724d ago

says the man with nathan drake as an avatar!

Cletus3724d ago

I boght a dead hamster onc. He didnt las long.

coolcole933724d ago

I managed to get this exclusive pic of them working hard on fixing it.

G3TDOWN3724d ago

lol that's why we bought the PS3 right ?

IcyJoker1873724d ago

PS3 Update: MP Servers gradually coming back online. Some users may still experience issues. Also, EU Players get Trophy patch tonight.

Maddens Raiders3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

by such a half ass and ((((bland)))) looking game, while really good games get half the attention and fanfare. This is simply unacceptable in this day and age. Disgraceful. I'm so glad I didn't buy this game and hope those of you that are having issues, get them resolved soon.

YungXclusive2K93724d ago

how the heck do you not add enough servers to the ps3 version its bs, they cater soo much to the xbox version they forgot to think of how many people will play ps3's

HolyOrangeCows3724d ago

Well, they screwed up the online, didn't test it enough, PS3 gamers have lots of other games to play, and 360 gamers are more keen to play 5 hour games with little to no advancement to multiplayer.

But this IS the most marketed, over-rated game of this year, so of COURSE it's going to sell like crazy anyway. Just not as much on the 360.

himdeel3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

...could have purchased the last two months. Lot of options. Anyway let's be honest if PS3 owners don't buy MW2 right when it comes out doesn't mean they won't ever purchase it.

Just think they underestimated their numbers. Everyone was expecting a price drop and now that it's here there are more PS3s out in the wild aka more people to buy MW2. Thus more people clogging the network clamoring the play MW2.

Foliage3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Alongside GOTY Uncharted 2? Good luck!

You have got to love junior bloggers. He doesn't know how to use past tense, the title should be: "PS3 sales higher than Infinity Ward's expectations?", seeing as the PS3 sold more than IW accommodated for. The 360 on the other hand hasn't exceeded their expectations in sales.

NaiNaiNai3724d ago

Considering what I saw were I lived. 200 plus people in line at my gamestop and like 10 people bought the ps3 version.

So I don't get why they even bothered.

3724d ago
Foliage3724d ago

You know you're American when:
"Considering what I saw were I lived. 200 plus people in line at my gamestop and like 10 people bought the ps3 version. "

Well the bullshitting also gave it away.

himdeel3724d ago

...for waiting in line and surveying all 200 people exactly to find out that 10 people bought the PS3 version. Woo!! /sarcasm off

starvinbull3724d ago

This from the company that wants $100 games?

sikbeta3724d ago

Yeah, Riiiiight.... and that's why months ago kodick/Activision threaten to drop Sony if Sony doesn't drop the price of the PS3, in order to have more consumers on PS3 that buy his games

"Infinity Ward Not Expecting High MW2 Sales On PS3?"

Sound logical.... for a retard article writer, but we all know kodick want more money from everywhere possible, hell even from the wii and that f*cking crappy port of MW2

Anon19743724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

I've put in 3 hours already last night playing MW2 online with my PS3. It's fantastic! It's everything I loved about COD4, but just made more so. Did the servers go down today or something? I've had work to do and haven't had a chance to play it again today, but I didn't have a single issue with the game playing last night.

Saaking3724d ago

MW1 sold like 4 million on PS3. it may not be as much as the 360 version, but it's still a heck of lot. MW2 will probably sell more (5-6 million). That is still great numbers. However, the numbers might be affected since PS3 owners also have many other exclusives to buy so yea.

JD_Shadow3724d ago

Wow, you were that bored to actually skew your own count?

I guess the 360 doesn't have that many games to play if that's all you have to do with your time.

Bathyj3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Theres alot you dont get Nai, but keep trying.

You almost turned me off PS3 for good that time, I only just resisted.

Actually, its guy/girls/fruits like you that convince me more and more I'm right to have no association with anyone on XBL or to sink money on a games library for a console with such a bad reliablity rep and apparently childish following.

Its right about one thing but, there were more people getting it on XB at my store, maybe about 60%-40%.
What struck me most is that very few in the XB crowd shaved yet, and vise versa was true as well. They kept complaining (as they do) that they had to go to school tommorrow.
Its funny cos its true.

Genesis53724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Well the 360 crowd seems more accustomed to playing a game with a 4 hour campaign, then 6 months of multi player. I like a little more variety in my gaming I just can't see myself doing that.

Eddie201013724d ago

Just another fanboy article trying to make a story where there is not one. Games sometime have problems with the Multi-player side of things, both on Xbox live and PSN. I think there's been more server problems on Xbox live than on PSN.

The Call Of Duty games have sold very well on both systems, just as well on PS3 if you compare install base in the US.

I don't think infinity ward is shafting the PS3, they are fixing the problems very fast and have added servers and fixed the trophy problem the very day it's released in stores. That seems to me like they do care about the PS3 community.

As far as the perceived favoritism toward the xbox 360, that has more to do with Activision and Microsoft than it does with Infinity Ward. Its another of Microsoft's Money deals, where they pay for advertising the game and have there branding in the advertising, therefore trying to make people think that the Xbox version is the preferred version.

Infinity Ward has made the game virtually identical on both systems graphicly,technically,feature for feature identical.

BWS19823724d ago

Nai give Americans a bad name, if in fact he/she is American. No wonder there's a perpetual stereotype out there. Props and bubbles to BathyJ for his usual astute insight.

itisa3724d ago

Should I be suprised?

It's funny that no websites even compare PS3 and Xbox sales to PC sales anymore.IF Infinity Ward didn't expect high sales on PS3,then I guess they expect to sell only 1 copy on PC.Why pretend to care for all platform if you obviously care only about the money grabbing console?

nirwanda3723d ago

that your avatar pic is from a game with a 4 hour campaign and no multiplayer what so ever

Jay Bomb3723d ago

"For the best experience, play on 360."
I have my eye on these bastards.

ShiftyTheSniper3723d ago

Funny...I went next day in morning when my local mall opened, my lineup was about 15 people, with a few behind me. But like BathyJ noted, only 1 person bought the 360 version, and he was a kid, about 17 or 18 (obviously skipping school), the youngest out of all of us there....go figure (the majority were mid-late 20's/early 30's). Now 15 people isn't near the 200+ that was at the midnight, but as others have said, I don't believe your watchful eye on that amount of people. People just tend to like to see what they believe, whether true or delusional. Even though I know the XB version most likely sold more @ midnight, I was impressed to see all the PS3 versions leaving the store that morning.

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Godmars2903724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

So they sabotaged themselves by not providing enough servers? Didn't clean up all the bugs in multiplayer?

Honestly, I don't understand devs trying to justify lower game/beta testing quality with "lowered expected sales." Especially when those expected sales are expected to be over 1 million.

Pennywise3724d ago

People just keep buying it, so why should they get it right.

Ive played so many other games that the online match making was light years beyond COD4, but yet the grenade fest known as CoD4 is known for the best online game EVAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

The reviewers give it scores like its the second coming and people buy it up. And a game like UC2 doesnt break 1 mil in the US yet? Its been the most fun ive had online in a long time. Maybe I am out of touch or expect too much... but IW couldn't even patch rumble into COD4. How hard is that? I won't buy into the hype and I won't support anything Activision anymore unless it is coming from the Blizzard side of it.

Noctis Aftermath3724d ago

the only reason COD sells well is cause its so easy even retards get kills.

BlackTar1873724d ago

i love the game lol but its so true there was a standing joke in my clan that if we had to teach our wives/GF how to play a game online it would be MW because its so fricken easy. the game really is a cookie cutter game but hell its fun and thats what matters. This holds me off till some more bFBC action.

been a long time BF player for like 10years so i have a obv. bias but this game is still so fricken easy online.

Perjoss3724d ago

I don't get it Pennywise,
a game like Uncharted not selling well and then you get this MW2 with its old engine and its 5 hours 48 mins singleplayer (timed it) comes along and sells a ton and gets reviews it does not really deserve.

Honestly, MW2 feels like they took this game called modern warfare which was originally 12 hours long, broke it in half and sold it in 2 parts at 6 hours each, because the new one does nothing new, apart from the slow mo breaches which are ok i guess. And the vehichle levels feel like they are practically on rails, feels more like you're watching it than playing it.

mastiffchild3723d ago

Perjoss-don't sweat it. There's a far more worrying thin concerning the sales of MW2 than people not buying qualty when they could. It's shown exactly how childish and "gimme, gimme" the gameing community as a whole has become. Why didn't we ALL stand up to them and demand dedicated servers on PC,PSN AND live? If this ios the MP game of the year shouldn't we expect that? When they're putting up the PC/EU cost of it shouldn't we expect that?

Vut no, we snipe at each other and fill their pockets while they provide crappy P2P. Well done gamers we just got what we deserved. When will we learn that it's US with the power and just ask for what we should be getting these days. It's not unreasonable, nowhere near when you imagine just how much they're making on MW2. They played us-simple as-they knew we'd behave like weak willed kids ransacking the house for our Xmas pressies when we could have got exactly what we wanted with a little unity and a weeks wait.

Also, people these days tend to buy what they're told in a lot of cases and then it gets out of control.

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Phaethon00173724d ago

I don't think that's a fair assessment. There's some lag and connection issues on Xbox Live as well. Does that mean IW didn't expect 360 sales to be high?