SEGA: VF5 will be a summer release

Sega has told Eurogamer this afternoon that, as far as it's concerned, Virtua Fighter 5 on Xbox 360 is still due out in summer.

It was speaking in the aftermath of various retailers changing their dates to later in the year. US outfit Gamestop has pushed its forecast back to October, while UK-based GAME reckons we'll see it in November. But both and believe it's 28th September that the game will be released. Which is somewhat confusing.

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InMyOpinion4572d ago

Who cares? Anyone here who's looking forward to this game?

BIadestarX4572d ago

If they add online... maybe just maybe... I may get it. Those days, of playing against the computer are over. We got too much of it during the 90's and it does not matter what kind of move or character they come up with... I am sure it's already in an existing game.
Besides... now that they sold poorly on the PS3 they want to give it to xbox 360 fans... They should have been fair and release it for both consoles at the sametime... Keep it.

kewlkat0074572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

eventhough I feel as if it is dying here in the states. So are the Arcades..

I might pick this up when it is cheaper, unless I get a good deal, since I like to be able to pick up some games and just play. With so many hours that will be invested in all the other 360 games coming out, a lot which are rpg's and such, I need games like this for a little break and trash talk(if it was online).

Also BLADE - SEGA's Sonic also flopped(which was multi), so they are looking to make some cash.(What developer isn't these days, unless they are taking huge risks)

Hardcore fans of the series will probably purchase this one. The last 5 years Soul caliber has been my fighting game, sad NAMCO funked up on the 3rd one but I'm sure part 4 will be MULTI.

SmokeyMcBear4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

haha wow blade.. the days of playing the computer are over.. so uhh.. you need online to play someone? Heaven forbid having a friend actually come over to your house and play some games, but i guess those days are over too.


werent we talking about VF5??, hmmm guess i was wrong there, but nice of you to throw in a bunch of arguments towards the advantage of online gaming.. hell, you should've mentioned the fact that writing on this forum is online too. The fact is that you are knocking this game because of its online capabilities or lack therof. You actually need to own a game only if it has online? I guess you play video games a lot differently that i do. I don't play video games at 3 in the morning, during the week i am sleeping because i have a 9 to 5, and on the weekends at that time, that should be when i am returning home from the bars, although playing video games with a good buzz is extremely fun.. ahh i miss the college days. But really, I like playing games with other people in the room, it's just funner. I agree with you about connecting a lan to get some fps matches with everyone on their own screen, but thats another story for another thread, for fighting games, its all about having a group of people and having round robin matches. But i guess to each their own.

BIadestarX4572d ago

"Heaven forbid having a friend actually come over to your house and play some games"... yes.. you are 100%. I currenly live in NY.. and love playing games against/with my brother that live in Texas, my cousin that live in Georgia. Who needs online when I can ask them to come over this weekend... (mmm... let me just make sure I send them the plane tickets (round trip).. just so we can play a game with me for 1-2 hours).

I would also like to try to advice a few things...

"Heaven forbid having to use the postal service to write mail instead of emails".

"Heaven forbid having to travel 300 miles by car and not use a horse instead".

Personally I don't want to have anybody in my house a 3am to play a match when I can just turn on my xbox 360 and play someone in the other side of the planet.

I also don't play split screen.. I hate it.

Also, without online imagine having to network 24 xbox 360 to play COD3?

To me no online it's not an option. I don't want to have to invite people to my house to play a game... when one can play it online. Period.

Online multiplay is the future... mmm.. you probably own one of these cell phones... don't you?

marionz4572d ago

couldnt care less its pretty [email protected], its not going to sell sega
why do sega make such awefull games nowdays?

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PS360PCROCKS4572d ago

This game SUCKS...the graphics are nice but really oddly shiny in places but the controls, crap controls for the PS3

SmokeyMcBear4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

the controls are awesome what are you talking about. Each shoulder button being a different combination of buttons so every type of attach is done with one button, its amazing the combos that can be done with the game. Just because you don't know how to play it, doesn't mean you should knock it. With regards to tekken and fighting games, with block being just pressing back on the d-pad, its a lot easier instead of having to actually press a button. I was used to tekken, so it took some time getting used to, but now that it seems normal, just pressing back to block seems kind of cheap, imo


Don't get me wrong, I love tekken, I still play tekken tag on a regular basis with my friends, I still consider that one the best fighting games ever made, and am really looking forward to tekken 6. And I do understand the need for all 4 buttons being attack buttons. Its the number of different attacks that can be done with VF5 using P, K, P+K, P+B, K+B, and P+K+B, buttons in every direction is a different type of attack, and you can string them together in all sorts of ways, its not the same thing over and over again. It can become really interesting and fun to see what you can do, play in the dojo and see what you can do.

Babylonian4572d ago

you have to understand the controls of Tekken. I've also played fighting games that use a specific block button instead of pushing the back button like Tekken. But the you have to understand is that the control sheme for Tekken is very unique.

Every button is given to a specific limb so if you do right kick and right punch you push X and square. Because of that there is no more buttons for block. But then again if you think about it, the back button is the block button, for some attacks like a powerfull combo, if you don't push anything you will autoblock but the second hit of the combo will damage you if you DON'T push back.

Sorry for the long explenation but I'm a big Tekken fan since the first one.

PS360PCROCKS4572d ago

I didn't like it as it didn't explain it at all when I tried out the demo. I got the gist of it, I just DONT like they way they do it, I mean I guess if I played it more I might like it, but for now I prefer the way DOA was layed out more.

zonetrooper54572d ago

I might buy this game and there is online support for the Xbox 360 version, its just downloadable content, thats it, no mutiplayer. Every Xbox 360 game must some form of online, be it online mutiplayer or downloadable content or even both. One of them must be supported. Thats one of the reasons why Xbox 360 marketplace is growing so fast.

gnothe14572d ago

I bought VF 5 for the PS3 2 weeks ago an I must admit thats its pretty but I think im gonna trade it in this weekend. its not that fun playing the computer!!

TheMART4572d ago

No online = no buy

Do you get that Sega? FNR3 and DOA4 can do online in fighting games, why can't you? Bull reasons not doing it

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