Evil Avatar: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review

Evil Avatar writes: "Drake's Fortune, the original Uncharted game, was a big success for both Naughty Dog and Sony. It came along at a time where few believed that the PlayStation 3 would ever get its 'killer app' to justify Sony's pricing strategy. It was, however, more than just an exclusive to hurl around fevered console war arguments, it was a landmark piece of entertainment for this generation and cemented the developer's place among the top tier. With his fortune not quite made, and I won't spoil the first story for those of you who haven't experienced it, Drake returns to the PS3 and to treasure hunting. The result is a seriously strong competitor for Game of the Year and, once again, proves itself more than just a system seller. It's something you really shouldn't miss out on."

The Good

* Gameplay with variety that is truly brilliant throughout.
* Fantastic Sunday serial style story that drags you in and holds you for the full 10 hours.
* Exciting levels that use cunning design rather than gimmicks to entertain.
* Unique online multi-player that rewards those who play longest.
* Almost flawless, truly beautiful presentation and design.

The Bad

* The occasional (unavoidable) visual wobble cracks the immersion.
* At some points the purpose of the levels in the story doesn't really justify Drake's effort.

The Ugly

* It ends.

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