The Conduit Wii price cut to under $18

Retailer this week price cut Sega Corp.'s The Conduit for Nintendo Co.'s Wii to under $18 in a new game sale.

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hatchimatchi3720d ago

This game isn't worth $18.

Yes, i have played the game. Infact, i bought it last week because i've always been pretty curious about it. It was fun for about an hour, but then it just got really awful. The alien spawn points, the same repeating environments, the level design. It's just flat out horrible.

Also, the state of the art graphics engine?? LOL.

This game is truly horrible. HVS owes IGN their lives for hyping this game to no end.

Venox20083720d ago

I finished it.. yes, level design could be better, but it's not a bad expierence.. this is one of the games, that you can finish once :) (I am talking about singleplayer)

hatchimatchi3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

i'm not trying to come off as a jerk, but have you played any fps games in the last 5 years? The conduit is such a giant step backwards that it's not even funny.

to each his own.

the zero punctuation review sums the game up pretty nicely

N4g_null3720d ago

Any one notice how hat says nothing about online play. The engine was a step in the right direction and the controls are now standard for wii shooters. Bad map design In online fps results in deadspace which is not a problem with this game. This is a good price though. Mw2 on the wii is suppose to be better in some parts too.

If you want to see what online metroid would be like then this is close. If you are a pc fps player then you have to check this game out.