Guitar Hero III Hands-on

The rock fest continues with Neversoft at the helm. IGN takes a first look at the wireless guitar and screens are here.

"The song list has been carefully picked to meet the wishlists that have littered the internet since Guitar Hero was first released on PS2. More of the songs will be master tracks rather than covers. New multiplayer modes have been confirmed. A wireless controller is on the way. In short, you can put your fears aside. This is the same Guitar Hero we've all come to know and love. It looks a little different and has a few new fancy bells and whistles to get you excited all over again, but it's still Guitar Hero.

Since Harmonix is now owned by MTV and hard at work on Rock Band, Neversoft wasn't given access to the code from previous Guitar Hero games. That means Guitar Hero III is being built from the ground up. Even so, the basic gameplay is identical so the learning curve should be nonexistent. When we first jacked in ready to rock, we were met with instant failure. With Neversoft and RedOctane folks all around, awkwardness abounded."

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RedSoakedSponge4745d ago

I cant wait for this! I just beat Jordan on expert and feel ready for some brand new shredding with that brand new guitar! LUSH!! lol


Weed4745d ago

Right there with you. GH = the shizznat
Can't wait for the game!

sajj3164745d ago

ability to create custom guitars ala Forza 2 (custom car paint jobs). Imagine being able to create them,, upload, download, swap, etc ....

Weed4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

"Neversoft has assured us that they're not aiming to make the game even harder. Instead, they're aiming for a difficulty level somewhere between the first and second Guitar Hero Games." This is good for the welfare of the game, but I do hope they will feature at least an equivalent to jordan. Nothing wrong with giving us guitar heros something new and harder.